Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)

which they can write the code, test it, and convert/compile it into the format that can then be run on a computer. This software is typically identified as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and is provided free from the corporation that developed the programming language that will be used to write the code.

Sidebar: “PowerPointed” to Death

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Screen shot of Tableau (click to enlarge) As presentation software has gained acceptance as the primary method to formally present information to a group

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or class, the art of giving an engaging presentation is becoming rare. Many presenters now just read the bullet points in the presentation and immediately bore those in attendance, who can already read it for themselves. The real problem is not with PowerPoint as much as it is with the person creating and presenting. Author and chief evangelist Guy Kawasaki developed the 10/20/30 rule for PowerPoint users. Just remember: 10 slides, 20 minutes, 30-point font.” 2 If you are determined to improve your PowerPoint skills, read Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds. New digital presentation technologies are being developed that go beyond PowerPoint. For example, Prezi uses a single canvas for the presentation, allowing presenters to place text, images, and other media on the canvas, and then navigate between these objects as they present. Tools such as Tableau allow users to analyze data in depth and create engaging interactive visualizations. Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019) pg. 51

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