Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)

on your computer.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

• Your information is stored on someone else’s computer. • You must have Internet access to use it. • You are relying on a third-party to provide these services.

Cloud computing has the ability to really impact how organizations manage technology. For example, why is an IT department needed to purchase, configure, and manage personal computers and software when all that is really needed is an Internet connection? Using a Private Cloud Many organizations are understandably nervous about giving up control of their data and some of their applications by using cloud computing. But they also see the value in reducing the need for installing software and adding disk storage to local computers. A solution to this problem lies in the concept of a private cloud . While there are various models of a private cloud, the basic idea is for the cloud service provider to section off web server space for a specific organization. The organization has full control over that server space while still gaining some of the benefits of cloud computing. Virtualization Virtualization is the process of using software to simulate a computer or some other device. For example, using virtualization Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019) pg. 58

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