Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)

Chapter 2: Hardware

• Removed text which discussed increasing dependency on tablets and decreasing use of desktops • Clarification of bit vs. byte, binary vs. digital. Added tables to Understanding Binary sidebar • Added Huang’s Law on graphics processor units • Modified text regarding Moore’s Law to state that his law is no longer able to be maintained

Chapter 3: Software

• Added information about Ubuntu Linux • Added information about Tableau

• Supply Chain Management: added an emphasis on use of Information Systems up and down supply chain by Walmart to gain competitive advantage

Chapter 4: Data and Databases • Database schemas redesigned • Data types added • SQL examples include output • NoSQL described

• Data Dictionary re-ordered to column name • New section on “Why database technology?” • Differentiation of data, information, and knowledge • Section on Data models • Changed illustrative example of database tables and relationships. Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019) pg. 8

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