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In my line of work, I come across a lot of injured people struggling to recover and return to their normal lives. It’s gratifying to guide them through the difficult legal process and steer them towards adequate medical treatment. It can also be incredibly frustrating when it’s clear that the level of treatment they need is simply not available in their area. Few and far between are the clients who can afford to fly across the country to receive a special medical procedure. But if a person is afflicted with some highly specific injury or medical disorder, access to the high-quality medical care they need can spell the difference between life and death. After seeing the consequences of subpar or limited-access medical care on my clients and their families, I began to wonder if there was anything beyond personal injury law that I could do to lend a hand. That was when I found out about Angel Flight, a non-profit organization created by a team of pilots dedicated to volunteering their skills to transport patients to the medical treatment they need, completely free of charge. Soon after, I submitted my pilot credentials and joined the team. It’s really an incredible, unique operation, with all these pilots around the country applying their aviation skills towards helping regular people who can’t access the care they need. Whether a patient can’t afford transportation because of the prohibitive cost, or they’re

too ill to fly on commercial airlines or drive long distances, the numerous

pilots in the organization are eager to

get them where they need to go.

First, patients go through the organization’s screening process and outline the trip they need to take. Once it’s

been approved, it gets added to a database of future missions that any of Angel Flight’s volunteers can select from. This way, not only am I able to provide a meaningful community service, I’m able to work around my busy schedule and still make time for work and family. I’ve been flying planes in some capacity ever since I was a little kid, but it’s rarely been as gratifying and rewarding as the missions I’ve flown for Angel Flight. For instance, last October, I took an elderly woman with a pulmonary condition to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the Baltimore area, one of the top-ranked medical centers in the country. During the flight, I usually get to chat with

the patient and learn their story. Everyone is so kind, grateful, and interesting to talk to. It means a lot to be able to offer this small but tangible service to people so deserving of it. I’m deeply proud to be a part of such an amazing organization, and look forward

to flying many more of these

wonderful people to the treatment they need.

—Bryce Angell

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