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LINER-BILITY ® I N T R O D U C I N G 7 2 w e e k s f o r e c a s t e d


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FROM A PLACE WHERE LAVENDER THRIVES Pacific Plug & Liner offers a wide assortment of Lavender in 4 sizes to fill all your program needs, including our fast turn 32 cell size for growers needing a large input to finish crops quickly. Please note, we currently do not vernalize our liners, when selecting product to be spring planted, please choose varieties that do not require vernalization for best success in flowering.

liner - bility ® , one of the most accurate availability tools on the market, which makes it easier than ever to check future plant availability with our live 72-week schedule. — updated every hour at, liner - bility ® gives you fast and accurate updates on the availability of your favorite plant varieties.

Our Lavender are grown from both cuttings and seeds and have lead times as follows:

s e e d e d va r i e t i e s

160 / 162 |

loos e f i l l tray | 12 we ek s

loos e f i l l tray | 13 we ek s

125 / 128 |

loos e f i l l tray | 25 we ek s

32 / 32 |

v e g e tat i v e va r i e t i e s

160 / 162 | growcoon tray | 10 we ek s | no guarant e ed p i nch

125/128 | growcoon tray | 11 weeks | with guaranteed pinch

72 / 72 | growcoon tray | 13 we ek s | wi th guarant e ed p i nch

32 / 32 | loos e f i l l tray | 23 we ek s | wi th guarant e ed p i nch

* indicates needs vernalization

* indicates from cuttings

* indicates first year flowering

* indicates from seed

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ANNET™ | *NEW* | PP# 28,867 A Darwin variety with a long bloom window.This Lavender needs no vernalization, has stiff upright foliage that prevents breakage at shipping and large flowers that hold throughout the summer.

AROMATICO™ BLUE IMP. | PPAF A well-branched, compact habit that is up to 3 weeks earlier to flower than other varieties. Quick to finish when spring planted, just 8-12 weeks from rooted liner to saleable gallon.

usda zones 6-9 | 12 " x 15 "

usda zones 5 a -9 a | 16-19 " x 14-16 "


BIG TIME BLUE | PP# 24,827

Tight, well-branched and strong-stemmed, this variety is great for early season sales finishing up to 2 weeks earlier than Ellagance Purple.

An improved early blooming English Lavender with very large flower spikes.

usda zones 6 a -9 | 10-12 " x 9 - 11 "

usda zones 5-9 | 20" x 30 "


ELLAGANCE SERIES Ellagance stands out from other seed and vegetative lavenders for its excellent uniformity, color range, earliness and spike quality.This series is winter hardy with good tolerance to foliar diseases compared to other lavenders.

Bigger, taller spikes than any other seed lavender, with more upright flower stems.

Varieties include: Ice, Pink, Purple and Snow.

usda zones 6 a -9 | 11-13 " x 9-11 "

usda zones 5-9 | 12 " x 12 "

ESSENCE PURPLE | PPAF An improvement to a Hidcote Blue, a standard in English Lavender, Essence Purple blooms around 10 days earlier with the same compact habit.Also, Essence Purple has much better winter hardiness and will hold better for overwintering production.

HIDCOTE BLUE A mainstay variety that is a more compact version of the angustifolia species and is great for mass plantings.

usda zones 5-9 | 24 " x 36 "

usda zones 5-9 | 12-18 " x 18-24 "

MUNSTEAD A compact early flowering variety.


A great seeded variety to use for later season plantings as this variety does well in long days and higher temperatures. Can also be fall planted.

usda zones 5-9 | 12-18 " x 12-24 "

usda zones 5-9 | 12 " x 12 "




With beautiful cream and green leaves and stunning blue flowers in early summer, this neat and compact plant is perfect for containers, beds and borders.

A seeded series that is more consistent and earlier flowering.

The Sentivia series has great garden performance, flowering for up to several months with strong scent and outstanding basal branching.

Varieties include: Blue Imp. andWhite

Varieties include: Blue and Early Blue.

usda zones 6-9 | 12-24 " x 18-24 "

usda zones 5-9 | 12-14 " x 12-14 "

usda zones 6-9 | 12 " x 15 "

SUPERBLUE | PP# 24,929 Super blooms, super color for strong retail impact. Superblue delivers excellent winter hardiness, heat tolerance and landscape performance. For best bloom, vernalization is recommended. (Pictured left)

usda zones 5-9 | 10-12 " x 10-12 "



A new series that works well for a fall planting schedule as it will tolerate cold and wet conditions better than other varieties.

A compact, bushy variety with deep blue spikes.

Varieties include: Blue, Compact Blue, Forte Blue andWhite.

usda zones 5-9 | 12 " x 12 "

usda zones 5-9 | 16 " x 12 "


ANOUK SERIES A compact series of standout Spanish Lavenders, this re-blooming series also has excellent weather tolerance and proven shelf life.The Anouk series has good winter hardiness with resistance to night frost, is less sensitive to diseases and transports better than most Spanish Lavenders.

Varieties include: Anouk PP# 16,685 , Anouk Dark Purple PPAF *NEW* , Anouk Deep Rose PP# 26,493 , Anouk Double PP# 28,264 , Anouk Purple Crown PPAF *NEW* , Anouk Supreme PP# 26,495 , AnoukWhite PP# 28,301 , Silver Anouk PP# 20,068

usda zone 6-9 | 14-18 " x 12-16 "

BANDERA SERIES A seeded Spanish Lavender with a compact habit and great uniformity.Great for both quart and gallon programs as a lower cost alternative to vegetative types.

CASTILLIANO 2.0 SERIES An improved seeded Spanish Lavender with more flowers on very short flower stems.

Varieties include: Deep Rose, Deep Purple, Pink and Purple.

Varieties include: Lilac, Rose Imp. andWhite.

usda zones 7-10 | 7-9 " x 10-12 "

usda zones 7-10 | 12-14 " x 6-8 "

EVER GREAT BLUE™ | *NEW* | PPAF Need HUGE flowers? Ever Great Blue delivers with flowers between 4-6" tall, making a giant impression at retail. This variety is early blooming and has a compact habit. (Pictured left)

usda zones 7-9 | 16-20 " x 16-20 "

GHOSTLY PRINCESS | PP# 29,697 A pale pink flowering Spanish Lavender from the same breeder as the Ruffles ™ series, selected for its intense silver foliage.

JAVELIN™ SERIES | PPAF Very early to flower with a compact, well-branched habit. Scented flowers with very attractive flags, great for spring and summer retail programs. Javelin Forte varieties have extremely large flags for outstanding performance at retail.

Varieties include: Forte Deep Purple, Forte Rose Imp and ForteWhite.

usda zones 7-9 | 12-15 " x 12-15 "

usda zones 8-9 | 12-14 " x 15 "




A breakthrough in breeding, Lavish has compound flower heads and produces tons of bracts for a double flower look.

A larger Spanish Lavender that is great for two- gallon production.

A series selected for earliness to flower, large flowers and bracts and uniformity across the series.

Varieties include: Blue, Purple, Purple Star *NEW* and Rose.

Varieties include: Pink, Purple andWhite.

usda zones 7-10 | 12-18 " x 12-18 "

usda zones 7-10 | 15-20 " x 15-20 "

usda zones 7-10 | 12-18 " x 12-18 "

OTTO QUAST A tried and true variety with rich purple flowers.

PRIMAVERA | *NEW* | PPAF A new Darwin variety with deep purple flowers and a long bloom season.

usda zones 8-9 | 12-24 " x 24-36 "

usda zones 7 a -9 a | 16-18 " x 14-16 "

RUFFLES™ SERIES Compact series bred in Australia for early flowering, compact habit and to handle tough climate conditions such as high heat and humidity. Flowers have chunky bracts with ruffled margins that sit just above the foliage. Flowers are more tolerant of humid conditions, showing less browning. (Pictured right)

Varieties include: Blueberry PP# 18,305 and Boysenberry PP# 18,256.

usda zones 8-10 | 24 " x 24 "

VIOLETA PURPLE XL | *NEW* | The first ever Spanish Lavender from seed with repeat flowering. Vigorous habit with large high quality flowers that rival vegetative varieties.A breakthrough in breeding that elevates the Spanish Lavender class. ( Pictured left)

usda zones 7-9 | 14-20 " x 12-16 "


GROSSO A larger intermedia type that produces flowers that are great for drying and using in sachets.The flowers are more rounded, giving this variety the nickname of Fat Bud.

PHENOMENAL | PP# 24,193 Bright silver foliage that lasts all year long, resistant to disease and tolerates heat and humidity. Phenomenal looks great through winter as a silver ball, then explodes into a big cloud of fragrant, violet blue flower spikes all summer long.

usda zones 5-9 | 30-36 " x 36 "

usda zones 5-9 | 24-32 " x 24-32 "

PROVENCE The most commonly planted variety in the Provence region. Great for dried flowers and essential oil production.

DILLY DILLY A compact intermedia type that produces great cut flowers.

usda zones 6-9 | 12-14 " x 12-14 "

usda zones 5-9 | 24-36 " x 24-36 "


GOODWIN CREEK GREY A French Lavender hybrid that was found in Oregon.With a nice bushy habit and grey-green foliage, this is a great variety to use for topiaries. Goodwin Creek Grey has a long flowering season with tall, deep blue flower spikes.

usda zones 7-9 | 18-24 " x 24-36 "

MEERLO | *NEW* | PP# 25,559 A variegated variety of Lavender allardii in the Sunset Plant Collection Program ® , showing the same great heat, humidity and drought tolerance as the species. Meerlo Lavender will sport pale blue flowers in summer. This Variety Requires a Mandatory Tag for the Sunset Plant Collection Program ® . (Pictured left)

usda zones 9-10 | 24-36 " x 24-30 "


A French Lavender with a compact habit and a high number of natural breaks. Great for gallon production.

usda zones 7-9 | 12-15 " x 12-15 "



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