LINER-BILITY ™ I N T R O D U C I N G 7 2 w e e k s f o r e c a s t e d


pp&l is proud to offer


liner - bility ™ , one of the most accurate availability tools on the market, which makes it easier than ever to check future plant availability with our live 72-week schedule. — updated every hour at, liner - bility ™ gives you fast and accurate updates on the availability of your favorite plant varieties.

in four sizes to fill all your program needs, including our fast-turn 32-cell size for growers needing a large input to finish crops quickly. Please note, we currently do not vernalize our liners.When selecting product to be spring planted, please choose varieties that do not require vernalization for best success in flowering.

Our Lavender grows from both cuttings and seeds and has lead times as follows:

s e e d e d va r i e t i e s

160 / 162 |

loos e f i l l tray | 12 we ek s

125 / 128 |

loos e f i l l tray | 13 we ek s

v e g e tat i v e va r i e t i e s

160 / 162 | e l l e pot tray | 10 we ek s | no guarante ed p i nch

125/128 | ellepot tray | 11 weeks | with guaranteed pinch

72 / 72 | e l l e pot tray | 13 we ek s | wi th guarant e ed p i nch

32/32 | loose fill tray | 23 weeks | with guaranteed pinch

* indicates needs vernalization |

* indicates from cuttings |

* indicates first year flowering

* indicates from seed |

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