2019 SHM Phoenix Newsletter Issue 1 Vol 9

The Student Section elected their executive board for academic year 2019-20, with the continued goal to be the outstanding student section in the nation. Volunteering with ASSP supports and advances the organization and our profession. As volunteers, the students’ professional networks will grow, they will benefit from access to professional development opportunities, and they will gain insights to trends and innovations in the occupational safety and health (OSH) profession. Pictured above: The 2019 ASSP Puget Sound Chapter PDC, photo courtesy of © David Hundley AMERICAN SOCIETY OF SAFETY PROFESSIONALS (ASSP) NEWS Congradulations to the following students for winning national and regional scholarships during academic year 2018-19. We thank the ASSP Foundation, BCSP, and the donors for their support. Pictured right : Emily Rosen, 2019 Construction Safety Scholarship recipient, is majoring in safety and health management and minoring in risk management and construction.

Congratulations to the following section officers and advisor:

Vy Dam, President Emily Rosen, Vice President Nikki Dam, Secretary Lucien Sahali, Treasurer James McCrary, Senator Kyle Hergert, Alternate Senator

Mason Hawk, Media Relations Ryan Lawyer, Public Affairs Dawson Brooke Baumgarten, Parent Chapter Liaison Angel Villa, Special Projects #1 Alex Zarker, Special Projects #2 Jennifer Serne, Faculty Advisor

ASSP Foundation / Other External Scholarships:

Mason Hawk, ASSP Construction Safety Scholarship, $2,000 Andrew Lange, BCSP John Hodges Thumbs Up Scholarship Award, $4,100 Emily Rosen, 2019 Construction Safety Scholarship, WA State Governors Industrial Safety & Health Advisory Board

Lucien Sahali, ASSP Safety Conference Travel Scholarship, Sponsored by UPS, $833 Lucien Sahali, UPS Diversity Scholarship, $5,250 Lucien Sahali, Puget Sound Chapter Martin Brown Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 Julia Zanotelli, BCSP QAP scholarship, $5,000


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