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Finding The Right Treatment & Source Of Your Arthritis

a form of deep heat, to the problem area. Both groups were treated at the clinic twice weekly for 4 weeks. Tests were done to measure how well the people were doing compared to their initial visit, 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 1 year later.The results were very impressive showing the patients who had hands-on physical therapy, combined with specific exercises had significant improvements in their pain, mobility and function. By8weeks,patientswereable towalk furtherand fasterwithmuch lessorcompletely resolvedpain.Their jointstiffness,achesandmobilityhad improvedby55%compared to theplacebogroupwhohadno treatment.Atoneyear,patients in the treatmentgroup still were doing great in terms of less pain and more mobility. Other benefits included lessneed forsurgerywithonly5%ofpatients in the treatmentgrouphavingundergone surgery as compared to 20% with the placebo group. In general, if you are suffering from osteoarthritis, especially of the back, hip or knee, physical therapy decreases the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis and may delay or prevent the need for more invasive treatments, like injections or surgery. Isn’t it time you did something about your arthritis and your pains? Call us today so we can make a positive difference in your life. Annalsof InternalMedicine:February1,2000vol.132no.3173-181.GailD.Deyle,MPT;NancyE. Henderson, PhD, MPT; Robert L. Matekel, MPT; Michael G. Ryder, MPT; Matthew B. Garber, MPT; and Stephen C. Allison, PhD, MPT, ECS

Are you suffering from back, knee or hip pain? You may have osteoarthritis in those joints. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common chronic condition of the joints, affectingapproximately27millionAmericans.Although itoccurs inpeopleofallages, osteoarthritis is most common in people older than 65. With osteoarthritis, there is a breakdown in the cartilage covering the ends of bones which form the jointandallowmovement.Ascartilagewearsaway, thebonesbecome exposedand rubagainsteachother.Thebreakdownofcartilagealsoaffects theshape of the joint so that it no longer functions smoothly. In addition, the ligaments and tendons around the joint become stiff and the muscles that support the joint become weak. This leads to more painful rubbing of the joint surfaces. There are many studies and patient success stories promoting the effectiveness of physical therapy for osteoarthritis. Our expert physical therapists at Next Step Physical Therapy are trained in specialized hands-on therapy for patients suffering with osteoarthritis, obtaining fast pain relief and improved movement. In a recent study, 83 patients with osteoarthritis were divided to receive either hands- on physical therapy or a sugar pill that actually did nothing to help their pain without themknowing.Thegroup that receivedhands-on therapy,had therapy to theknee, low back, hip and ankle as required. They then performed a knee exercise program in the clinic and at home. The group taking the sugar pill had just low intensity ultrasound,


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