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October 2017

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Planning Ahead for the Coming Holidays Autumn Is Here

local orchard to make some apple cider. There’s nothing better than being out in the crisp October air, hunting through the low branches of an apple tree to find the best, unblemished fruit. During moments like that, everything stressful just leaves your mind. It’s easy to be fully present. And then, you can ride around on the hay truck, which is more fun than it should be. In many ways, I’m taking this Halloween and the coming season as an opportunity to recover the spirit of fun and play that so many of us lose as we age. By organizing my time and fully preparing myself for the holiday season, it’ll make more time for those playful activities that often fall by the wayside. At any rate, I’m thrilled that fall is finally here. The changing leaves, the slanted light, and the smell of a pumpkin spice latte is all that I need to feel truly content.

Halloween is always a blast in New England. People go crazy with decorations, turning their yards into zombie-covered cemeteries or just going all out with a multicolored autumn theme. We’re trying to get our space into the spirit as well. We’re planning a trip soon out to Penniman Hill Farm out in Hingham to pick up some pumpkins, hay bales, and their awesome pre-made scarecrows to decorate the house and yard. Obviously, decorations are a minor component, but there’s something relaxing about going out and gathering everything together, as well as the keen sense of contentment you get when you drive home to a place adorned in its carefully selected seasonal garb. Besides that, we’re already getting ready for the cold, and the wood stacked by the fireplace and the outside fire pit is all set up. This year, maybe we’ll even open up the pumpkin carving kit that we’ve had for years and get to work.

As soon as the cobwebs and skeletons start showing up in our neighbors’ yards, it’s time to start getting ready for the coming holiday season. Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, the latter part of the year can be a deeply stressful time. We scramble to make plans and cram in every tradition, fun activity, and errand over these brief three months. Luckily, due to changes I’ve been steadily making in my life over the past few months, I feel more ready than ever to really start to plan this October and make the most of the holidays. I’ve been focusing on being more intentional with the things I do, so as winter approaches, instead of running around frantically trying to get everything done, I hope to fully invest myself in the planning process and ease the pressure of holiday expectation. It feels, lately, like I finally have cultivated the foresight to actually complete all the fun little rituals that come with the season, as a part of taking care of myself and Phil.

We’ll also have to do the classic New England autumn move and get out to a

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