ORACLE February 2020



As we all know earthquakes are unpredictable and give little or no warning. It might seem frightening to think of all the possibilities that can occur when the earth starts shaking and you are totally helpless. After all, Mother Nature is in charge. After she is through shaking you realize you are OK, but you realize your family is hundreds or maybe thousands of miles away. How do you contact them? You also realize there is a high probability our local cell phone towers are damaged and your ability to contact loved ones is being greatly diminished. You then realize you are in what the experts call a major disaster DANGER ZONE, and help may not be on its way. This is why it’s so important to become familiar with and follow the ORPS Emergency Preparedness Plan found on our owners’ website. Next you need to initiate your predetermined Personal Emergency Communications Plan, before an over-burdened cell network becomes so clogged it is rendered useless. Your Personal Emergency Communication Plan is simply a prearranged contact person, just one, you have predetermined to contact in case you are involved in a major disaster, long before that disaster occurs. So, let’s go through the steps you need to take to create your Personal Emergency Communication Plan: 1. Identify your most reliable person you trust “out of the danger zone” (this is the only person you call). They become the primary source of information to your family, friends, and associates of your status and all future communications. Your designate relays the status of all persons in your immediate danger zone, as to injuries, medical needs, travel plans, and condition of your living structure. 2. Develop and distribute to your designated person the names of people you wish to be notified In case of an emergency. Your designate will need their contact information, phone numbers, emails address. Also, make sure your loved ones have your designated contact information. 3. Again, advise all loved ones to call your pre-designated person, NOT YOU! 4. Keep message (text or voice) short. It is best to text your status if possible, as it requires less bandwidth. Turn down your phone screen brightness to save battery. 5. If you are able to access Wi-Fi, use social media to post updates of your status. 6. ORPS is in the process of becoming a member of the Coachella Valley HOA Disaster net which will allow us another means of communication. (More info to follow). 7. ORPS is also joining RACES which is radio communications with the Coachella Valley Incident Command Communications Center. We will have radios at ES and LP which will be monitored throughout a major incident. (More info coming). There you have it. You have just created your own Personal Emergency Communication Plan . Let us hope none of us ever has to activate our emergency communication plan, but it is better to be prepared than wish we had been. Thanks for taking the time to read about the plan. Bob Mosley, Safety and Security Committee

If you have a dog, then chances are you also have brown spots on the grass around your lot or you may have noticed brown spots in the new dog friendly areas here at the resort. This happens because dog urine is rich in nitrogen, which is known to kill grass when concentrated amounts collect over time. The effects of dog urine on the grass are similar that of a nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer. A small amount of fertilizer makes grass healthy, but too much will kill the grass. To prevent burns, you need to reduce the amount of nitrogen that comes into contact with the grass. Follow these tips to greener and healthier grass: Spray areas where your dog urinates with water. Spraying water on the area after your dog urinates will help to dilute the urine and lessen the effects of the nitrogen on the grass. If you are -taking your pet to one of the dog friendly relief areas around the resort that have grass, you can help. Please carry a water bottle and pour the water on the grass immediately after your pet urinates. This will really help keep our resort looking beautiful. Train your dog to eliminate in one area. Designating an area for your dog to eliminate on your lot will save the remainder of your grass. one-spot-1118212 Consider installing an area of desert gravel or artificial turf at your lot which can be your designated relief area. Some products, such as the Simple Solution Pee Post , are impregnated with pheromones to encourage your dog to urinate on or near the area where it is applied. Encourage your dog to drink more water. The more your dog drinks, the less nitrogen will be concentrated in the urine and the less damaging it will be to the grass. It will be healthier for your dog as well. Feed your dog a dietary supplement. Certain dietary supplements, such as Green-UM and Drs. Fosters and Smith “Lawn Guard ” bind with the nitrogen in the urine, making it less harmful to the grass. Apply a lawn repair treatment. Some treatments, such as Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment, contain organic enzymes with soil cleansers to flush the salts from the root zone. Brenda King Chair 15

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