ORACLE February 2020

PLANNING COMMITTEE This season, the Planning Committee’s focus is assisting the Board with the implementation of the Strategic Plan (SP) and, in collaboration with the Finance Committee, developing the Work Program that will arise from it. In January, Committee members Carolyn Candler, Michael Curley, Paul Haberman, Alice Heuple, Bob Livingston, Sheryl Nelson, Dan O’Melia & Debbie Smith met to keep apprised of the El Sagauro Kitchen renovation as well as the SP, and to continue to support the SP process. As a first step, the Committee has rewritten the Resort’s Vision, Mission and Values Statements and has presented them to the Board for their approval. Members of the Committee continue to welcome any and all Owners’ concerns and ideas. Kathy McCune

Mike Barber Candidate Statement

Being recently retired and settling into my new life as a grandfather of 2 (and counting) from our two adult children Andrew and Kara, Dawn and I were not expecting to settle into a resort lifestyle so quickly;

however, after our first tour of the property we knew ORPS fit our active lifestyle. We purchased immediately and have now been owners for one year. The resort, people, amenities and activities are over the top and ORPS has truly impacted our lives in a positive way. In general conversation around ORPS about the pending board vacancies, I was both encouraged and personally felt that, with my career history and exposure to some of the most amazing private clubs and resorts around the world, I could bring value and give back to this tremendous property. Work History: After completing technical engineering studies, the first half of my career was devoted to industry: Maintenance management, Production management, Plant management, Project management. The past 18 years of my career has been focused in the automotive industry with the last 10 years as CEO of a 500 employee multi-company corporation. From a very early age I have been offered and accepted management positions due to my energetic nature and ability to assess and implement positive results for both the company and employees. Giving Back To The Community: Being active throughout my life, I both understand and appreciate the importance of volunteer efforts. I have previously served as president of the local curling club and volunteered many years to minor hockey, soccer and baseball associations as a coach for youth teams; multiple volunteer efforts in triathlon and Ironman races. Personal Achievements & Interests: 13 time Ironman finisher & 3 time qualifier/finisher of Ironman World Championships; multiple shorter distance triathlon and marathon finishes; certified scuba diver; certified private pilot; certified Coastal Sailing Skipper; avid sportsman & fly fisherman; golfer. In summary of the above, I am happy to offer my name as a board candidate. Although I have only been an owner at ORPS for one year, I know that I could have a very positive impact. My main goal is to ensure ORPS stays fiscally responsible to the owners with a focus on ownership experience, facility maintenance & improvement and the safe guarding of our investment. Through previous board meetings I understand the number of issues and concerns tabled. I know that I can offer insightful & objective courses of action.


I am disappointed to report that Doug Folsom and Larry Fredella have resigned from the Finance Committee. Their contributions and participation were appreciated and we are sorry to not have their perspective and expertise as we go forward.

At the time of this report, we are still awaiting the December financial statements. Physical work to complete intended Reserves projects is about 85% complete. Completion of the capital budget plan has been delayed by the delays in the ES kitchen renovation and the Coachella Valley Water District land purchase. Compiling the budget for 2020 - 2021 is underway and will be reviewed by the Committee in late January or early February. Owners with a business operations and/or finance background who would like to contribute to the resort via this committee are invited to contact the committee members to express their interest. Gail Pollock, Chair

Mike Barber Lot 801


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