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August 2018

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Clare Corado

I think we could all use more opportunities to celebrate. Have some fun this month with these quirky days!

1. National

16. National Tell a Joke Day

Girlfriends Day

2. National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

17. National

Thriftshop Day


International Beer Day

18. Bad Poetry Day

19. National Potato Day 20. National Radio Day 21. Senior Citizen’s Day 22. National Tooth Fairy Day

4. International Hangover Day

5. International

Forgiveness Day

Family-Fun Activities Enjoy the Last of the SummerWeather

6. Wiggle Your Toes Day


National Lighthouse Day

23. Ride the Wind Day

8. Sneak Some

24. Vesuvius Day

Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

With school right around the corner, you might be thinking about taking your kids out for a bit of fun before the school year starts. If you’re fresh out of ideas on what to do, here are a few activities for your family this month.

25. Kiss and Make Up Day 26. Women’s Equality Day

9. Book Lover’s Day

Take Your Kids to the Movies

10. National S’mores Day 11. Son and Daughter Day

There were many great kids’ movies released this summer that you and your children can see as a family. “Incredibles 2” came out on June 15, 14 years after the first “Incredibles” movie. This time, watch as the character Jack-Jack explores his many superpowers. Several other films were released just last month, such as “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation,” where the Count and his family go on a cruise. “Teen Titans GO! To The Movies,” also came out and includes the teen heroes experiencing their very first movie. This month enjoy “Christopher Robin,” which will be released on Aug. 3, and the adventures of beloved Winnie the Pooh and his friends. While taking your kids to a family-friendly film is fun, it doesn’t have to be the sole reason to get out of the house. Before or after the movie, you can take them to a local park to enjoy the playground or a pool.

27. Just Because Day

28. Race Your Mouse Day 29. More Herbs, Less Salt Day

12. Middle Child’s Day

13. Left Hander’s Day

30. Frankenstein Day

14. National

Creamsicle Day

31. National Eat Outside Day

15. Relaxation Day

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