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S ummer is always a great time. Even though summer is mostly behind us now, I wanted to reflect on the season. There is always something going on. While I spend a lot of the summer working for my clients, I do take some time here and there to spend with family and friends. Given the opportunity, I enjoy a getaway out to Big Bear. I like getting up there with the family for an extended weekend or just a few days when we’re all available. It’s mostly known as a winter retreat, but I really love everything they have going on for summer. They figured out how to stay busy year-round. “I’m no whiz on the barbecue, but turn up the heat and I grill a mean burger.” There’s a bowling alley that’s always a good time, along with various shops that are always fun to peruse. But one of my favorite destinations is the fudge shop: North Pole Fudge and Ice Cream. You can’t go wrong topping off a summer weekend with some good fudge and ice cream. We’ve made a lot of good memories up in Big Bear. Last year, we went kayaking and flew down the alpine slide (a concrete luge

track) in a toboggan cart. It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

I also have some friends who mountain bike. It’s not something I’ve been into in the past, but I think it would be a lot of fun

to partake in — just rent a bike and trek through the mountainside, feeling the rocks beneath your wheels and the wind in your face.

It’s also great to take the kids up to Big Bear.

They’re still pretty young at 7 and 9, so they don’t do anything particularly intense (no mountain biking yet), but they love to do everything from swimming to playing miniature golf. Back at home, we have the occasional backyard barbecue. We’ll grill up hot dogs and hamburgers — your summertime classics. I’m no whiz on the barbecue, but turn up the heat and I grill a mean burger. During the summer, with all the “grilling” holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day, a lot more people tend to drink more alcohol. It’s practically customary to have a beer with a burger, but it’s easy to go overboard.

to start drinking earlier in the day. When you’re outside lounging on the patio or by the pool, it’s all too easy to drink more than you intended. A lot of people get into serious trouble because of this. They get behind the wheel of a car or boat when they’re much too intoxicated to drive safely. Regardless of the time of year, if you drink, always be safe. Make arrangements ahead of time, let people know where you’ll be, have Uber or Lyft on standby on your phone, or rely on the age-old solution, the designated driver. Have fun, but be smart about it. That way, you can enjoy many more summer holidays to come.

In some cases, especially during the summer, it’s not uncommon for people

–Mark Rosenfeld, Esq.

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