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Sometimes the Best Thing for Your Work Is to Step Away for a While

and productive in the work you do. In addition, those who take time off to relax are less likely to experience burnout from work, making them more creative and productive than their unrested counterparts. But it’s not about competition. It’s about your overall well-being and that of your business. Taking even just a single day to unwind, unplug, get outdoors, or see and experience new things is great for your work productivity when you return. But remember, having these experiences outside of work is also the reason we do our work. We have jobs so that we can make a life for ourselves that we love. If we’re working all the time, then we’re missing out on everything else life has to offer. Some studies have even shown that taking breaks to unplug and unwind can actually increase your mental and physical health! For those of you who are still on the fence about taking a leap and unchaining yourself from your desk for a few days, there’s a way to compromise: Consider attending some industry seminars and conferences. For example, some chapters of the International Society of Arboriculture hold annual conferences across the nation. Gatherings like this are not only a great opportunity to get

My wife and I just returned from a skiing trip in Park City, Utah. We love to ski, so we try to go every couple years. This was our first time at this location, and it did not disappoint. The snow was packed just right, the weather held up, and the company was great. We stayed in a condo right next to the lifts, so we could literally wake up, get dressed, and be on the slopes five minutes later. It was a great time, but what made this trip even better was the effect it had on me when I arrived home. Now that I’m back to working at full throttle, I’m realizing yet again the benefits of taking time to get away. They’re benefits that every business owner should reap. The work we do is incredibly important and valuable to us. That’s why it can be so hard to justify stepping away from it for any length of time. You might think that if you leave your work alone for too long, you’ll come back to too many fires to put out or too much opportunity lost. I won’t sugarcoat it — depending on how you run your business and the team you have in place, that could happen. But there’s still a lot of undeniable value in stepping away from work for even just a short amount of time. Numerous studies have shown that upon returning to work after a vacation, you are more focused on

up to speed on the latest industry advancements, regulations, and ideas, but it’s also a great opportunity to step away from your day-to-day work without feeling the guilt of not being focused on your business. However you choose to unwind and refresh, do it with the goals of enjoying yourself and coming back to work with renewed vigor and creativity. Speaking from my own experiences, there’s almost nothing more inspiring when it comes to the work I do than being away from that work for any length of time. It gives me energy, perspective, and passion every time. I promise it will do the same for you.

–Wesley Smith


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