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The Connection Between a Healthy Mouth and a Healthy Heart

Heart and Gum Disease Awareness Month

before the bacteria colonizes the gums. From there, the bacteria releases toxins into the gums that then enter the bloodstream and spark the inflammatory response. When the inflammatory response is carried out, it can result in gingivitis, or inflammation of the gums. Bleeding gums when you brush and floss are the telltale signs of this condition. If left untreated, gingivitis can turn into gum disease. Researchers suspect that the same bacteria found in patients with gum disease is spread through the vascular system to the heart, causing a buildup of plaque that can potentially clog arteries and cause heart disease and stroke. Inflammation (the body’s way of handling infection) from the bacteria spreads throughout the body, causing a systemic effect that can result in serious health problems. To lower your risk of these diseases, preventive care is very important. Visiting us regularly is key to preventing, treating, and managing gum disease. Our staff is trained to look for the symptoms of gum disease, and we are your allies in prevention and treatment! When it’s diagnosed early, gum disease is treatable and the effects may even be reversible. We can help you find the right at-home care regimen that will prevent further damage. In addition to these preventative measures, the American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) recommend staying active and eating well-balanced meals. Aim to get in at least 2 1/2 hours of exercise per week. Try small changes, like parking further away from your office, taking the stairs, and getting up from your desk for a break every hour to move. Take care of your teeth, come in for your regular visits, and take care of yourself. It’s not worth it to put your mouth, or your heart, at risk. This month brings to light what we’ve known for a long time: Your oral health is connected to your overall health. Take care of yourself and encourage your loved ones to do the same! We want you all to live happy and healthy lives. If you have any questions about gum disease, I’m happy to talk to you. We’re here to help you stay healthy.

I know a lot of people are thinking about love this month. What about loving your health and well-being? Along with being the month of Valentine’s Day, February is also Heart Health Month and Gum Disease Awareness Month. You may be surprised to learn that the two are connected. It’s estimated that over 200 million Americans are affected by gum disease and more than 85 million have some type of cardiovascular disease. If these numbers are to decrease, we all have to be aware of the risks and implement some strategies to minimize them. Recently, studies have shown that the link between heart disease and gum disease goes much deeper than a shared awareness month. As dentists, we often see evidence of the link between oral well-being and overall health, and more research is pointing toward a significant connection between gum disease and heart disease. Some studies have found that people who have periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to have heart disease. The reason for this link is still unclear, but scientists think bacteria may be the cause. From an oral health perspective, when plaque forms on the teeth, bacteria colonies grow within the plaque. It doesn’t take much accumulation

–Dr. Taylor

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3 TIPS TO PREVENT When you’re trying to feed your child, keep them healthy, and prevent them from becoming one of those weird adults with the stunted palate of a 2-year-old, it may feel like you’re faced with an uphill climb. Research shows that fussy eating may be as linked to genetics as it is to upbringing, not to mention the tangle of other psychosocial factors that can fuel a child’s inscrutable food preferences. 1. KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS IN CHECK. When a child first encounters a new food, they’re going to give it the side-eye. That’s natural. In fact, according to a 2003 study, it may take as many as 12 “exposures” to a new food for it to become familiar, much less something they want to eat. If you put too much pressure on them to eat every last bit of the new food, that particular food won’t fare well in their memories and you’ll have to fight those negative associations from then on. Instead, talk about the new food as you’re preparing it, involve your child in the preparation, and have them check it out on their own terms. Normalizing those Brussels sprouts is half the battle. 2. AVOID TURNING VEGETABLES INTO CHORES. You might think that offering your child a reward in return for finishing their green beans is a good way to make sure your child gets their nutrients, but it causes more That said, there are ways to help your child foster a healthy relationship with food and encourage them to be adventurous eaters.

Gaming With Your Kids

Why You Should Pick Up That Controller

Video games are present in an increasing number of American households. The Entertainment Software Association found that in 2018, 70 percent of parents reported that games were a positive activity in their children’s lives, and 67 percent even play alongside their child at least once a week. Some of you may already be regularly gaming with your kids, but for the rest of you, here are some things to keep in mind. WHY GAMING TOGETHER MATTERS Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and UC Berkeley have shown that video games can have many positive effects on a child, from encouraging critical thinking and social skills to imparting the value of perseverance. Beyond these life skills, video games can also be a way for you to better connect with your child. As game designer and New York Times bestselling author Jane McGonigal, Ph.D., writes, “Games make it easy to build stronger social bonds with our friends and family. Studies show that we like and trust someone better after we play a game with them— even if they beat us.” FIND THE RIGHT GAME Finding the right game to play with your child can be a challenge. Regardless of what platform your child plays on, there’s a nearly inexhaustible list of games to choose from, and some are more child-friendly than others. At the very least, research the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s (ESRB) rating of a game to make sure its content is age-appropriate.

When choosing a game, it’s a good idea to keep your child’s interests in mind. Do they enjoy creating things? Games like Minecraft, Super Mario Maker, and Scribblenauts Remix can act as a great sandbox for you and your child’s imaginations to run wild. Does your child love to solve puzzles? Snail Bob 2, Snipperclips, and Portal 2 will have you and your child thinking outside the box for hours. Want to engage in a little friendly competition? Mario Kart, FIFA, and Bam Fu are all excellent choices. GOING BEYOND SCREEN TIME Whether you pick up a controller yourself or just watch your children play games, the most supportive thing you can do as a parent is reinforce the skills they are learning. Understanding that the same creativity and determination that gets them to the end of a level can be applied in the real world is be a powerful thing for a child’s development.

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Bistecca Alla Fiorentina For a sinfully delicious Valentine’s Day dinner, turn to this classic Italian steak preparation. It’s simply flavored with rosemary and lemon, allowing the meat to take center stage. Inspired by Saveur magazine

Raising a Picky Eater

problems than it’s worth. It just reinforces your child’s perception that the green beans are the “bad” food they have to choke down before getting to the good stuff. 3. MAKE A VARIETY OF DISHES. The more monotonous your nightly menu is, the fewer new foods your child will be exposed to, and the harder it will become to introduce healthy newcomers to the table. If your kids like green beans, great, but don’t start serving green beans with every meal just because you know those are the only veggies they’ll eat. Keep it varied and fun, and your kid’s palate will follow. You shouldn’t force your kid to eat food they don’t want to eat, but you shouldn’t cater too closely to their fussy habits either. Present them with a wide variety of the healthy options you want them to eat, and let them discover the joys of taste and texture as they grow.


• • • •

2 bone-in porterhouse steaks

1/4 cup olive oil

2 sprigs rosemary

Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper, to taste

Lemon wedges, for serving


1. 30 minutes before cooking, remove steaks from fridge to bring them to room temperature. 2. Heat a grill or large cast-iron skillet to high. While heating, brush steaks with half the oil and season liberally with salt and pepper. 3. Place steaks on the hottest part of the grill or pan and cook for 5 minutes. 4. Flip steaks and baste with remaining oil, using rosemary sprigs as a brush. If cooking in a pan, place sprigs next to steaks after basting. 5. Cook for 5–6 minutes for medium-rare. 6. Let steaks sit for at least 5 minutes, slice against the grain, and serve with bone.

Fall in Love With Your Toothbrush

This Valentine’s Day, Learn to Love Your Teeth First

As we get older, we learn to appreciate the value of a toothbrush. The days of using the same toothbrush for an extended period of time are behind us. We no longer seek out the cheapest ones or those with flashy colors; we just want a product that works the way it promises to. Luckily, finding the right toothbrush doesn’t have to be a process of trial and error. Here are some general guidelines that will set you on the path to better oral care, straight from the dentist’s mouth! A few simple changes in your toothbrush style can make all the difference. First, we recommend that you always choose a toothbrush with softer bristles. If you’re flossing as regularly as you should be, then there’s no need to disrupt your gums and enamel with rough bristles. You may think you’re cleaning your teeth more thoroughly, but really you’re hurting them. Next, always look for a toothbrush that actually fits your mouth. Just like harder bristles don’t make for a better brush experience, too many bristles can make it harder to brush the right spots. Lastly, the better the grip you have on your toothbrush, the cleaner your teeth are going to get. Finding the one with the right handle can be the key to mouth-care success, especially for those who suffer from arthritis or other conditions that cause difficulty in brushing. With so many options on the market, you can never go wrong getting your dentist’s opinion, and the verdict is in: We at Taylor Dental recommend Philips’ Sonicare toothbrushes for all our patients and families alike. The Sonicare toothbrush comes in several iterations to fit your specific needs, and with these guidelines in mind, there just isn’t a better go-to brush for a sensitive, sparkling clean. Regularly using this multifaceted toothbrush, in conjunction with your regular checkups and cleanings, can set you on the path to a smile you can be proud of. If you need any help or advice along the way, call us at Taylor Dental. We want you to regain the confidence in yourself that only a perfect smile can give.

Train Your Brain!


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PENSACON: PENSACOLA COMIC-CON Dates: Feb. 22–24 Where: Pensacola Bay Center

With the start of a fresh month, things are looking up in Pensacola. February is jam-packed with fun events for the whole family, or even just the adults. It’s time to start stretching those chilly muscles again, and before spring comes around, here are some exciting activities to look forward to this month.

BREAKFAST AND A MOVIE Dates: Feb. 5–26 When: Doors open at 9 a.m. Where: National Naval Aviation Museum Stop by the new refreshment counter to grab a drink and a Chick-fil-A breakfast before witnessing a fascinating aviation presentation — followed by a movie — on the recently renovated Giant Screen Digital Theatre. The presentation begins at 9:30 a.m. and the movie starts at 10 a.m. Tickets are $10 per person and will be available at the ticket counter for the first 325 people.

JAMES TAYLOR AND BONNIE RAITT When: Feb. 10, 7 p.m. Where: Pensacola Bay Center

Pensacola’s take on the legendary Comic-Con closes out the month in sci-fi style. This all-inclusive event encompasses numerous genres of the pop culture superfan community. Visitors should expect an immersive trip down the rabbit hole of sci-fi — fantasy, horror, comic books, anime, gaming, and much more! Have some little ones tagging along? Children 10 and under are free.

American icon, singer, and songwriter James Taylor and his All-Star Band roll into Pensacola shortly before Valentine’s Day to serenade the masses at our premiere venue. With a “Greatest Hits” album— certified diamond with 12 million copies sold — this intimate evening is sure to be one to remember. If that isn’t enough to sway you, a special someone is coming along for the ride: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bonnie Raitt, who was listed number 50 on Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Singers of All Time.”

There’s plenty of love to go around this month — get out and celebrate!

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