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I just returned from a trip that I take almost every year. My husband and I are involved with helping a small organization who help poor and needy families on a small island in Indonesia. It is our heart and passion to assist where we can. We are not medical people, or skilled in any profession, but we love these people and just a friendly face and a word of kindness goes a long way. This organization has a medical clinic and small hospital that treat only the poor. They work with patients who have HIV, Tuberculosis, and Leprosy, along with the everyday ailments that happen along the way. What a joy it is to play a game of UNO with a man who had leprosy and was an outcast for 15 years. When he arrived at the medical clinic he couldn’t walk, but when a young physical therapist showed him how to stretch and do some exercises, he was able get around without the assistance of others. I love to help in the school. The children come from all different communities and are learning their lessons in English and their native language of Bahasa Indonesia. They are so bright. It’s fun to see the excitement in their faces to be able to attend school and to learn. I love to sit beside them and read a book to them or listen to them read to me. I love going on walks with them and talking

about everyday things. What a contrast to my busy life here at home. I come home refreshed and ready to go when I come back to Fairbanks. Helping others is an excellent way to enrich your own life! -Cathy Cady


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