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KNOWLEDGE BEANS -20 a huma n r e s ou r c e news l e t t e r mar 2010

Highlights of this issue - Industry Champion,Sophia looks at Cultural Trainings in understanding oneself

- Prof Rajgopalan states the building of global culture - Era Kukreja defines the aspect of teambuilding - Deeksha Jawa opens a new column in‘BeanTip Article’

Culture is the programming of the mind, it is the way we feel, perceive, communicate and behave. Each individual is programmed differently – starting from language, family, schooling, hobbies and finally the choice of profession and work place. In intercultural or cross cultural trainings, we focus on understanding ourselves, looking at our own programming, judgement patterns, core values and the communication strategies to understand how effectively we can work with others, who have a different culture. Cultures are not bound by nationalities, languages or cuisines.Today, culture is an influx, a constant exchange of ideas which makes it impossible to define. So, understanding the ways of how culture works on us and others can be a tremendous tool for analysing conflicts, for improving communication with colleagues and discovering new spaces for synergies. Ideally it is a process which starts with training followed by coaching. Cross cultural team building seminars also prove to be effective. CULTURAL TRAININGS UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF industry champion space

Sophia Stepf

Sophia Stepf has an MA in Dramaturgy for theatre andmedia from the HMT, Leipzig and Toronto’sYorkUniversity and qualified as a Business Cultural Trainer from IH London. She has developed and

managed theatre projects for the Goethe Institute, MMB in India and conducts intercultural theatre workshops and does journalisticwriting about India. She works for international festivals as a Dramaturge. She is actively involved in programming,writing,translation and hosting public talks. As an expert on theatre, she has conducted research for German Federal Endowment for Arts and theGoethe Institute in New Delhi. She has worked as an intercultural trainer in educationand business.

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the editor’s column Alok Nagarkar

Alok Nagarkar is pursuing his Master’s degree in Management with specialization in HR. He has a passion for creating a dynamic network of people and sharing knowledge. This edition talks of “Unity in Diversity”. It talks of the importance of cross culture communication and team building. It lays an emphasis on development of an effective work culture at the workplace so as to maximize the performance of the workforce. Through culture, it talks of employee development and the resultant organizational growth.

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