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MAY 2020

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Mother's Day is special at Maximum Solutions — many of our staff members and patients are mothers themselves. But right now, under the current circumstances, we don’t get to celebrate all that they do for us. We know their jobs are challenging, and they have to juggle being a provider, confidante, and teacher to their children all while staying inside. So, we’ve found some fun ways you can show Mom you care while being homebound. HOST A VIRTUAL BRUNCH Hosting a virtual brunch is a great way to gather the family together even if some members live across the country. To ensure everyone can make it, take varied time zones into account and schedule the brunch when it’s most convenient for everyone. Sending family members a breakfast recipe to make will turn the video call into a fun showcase of everyone’s cooking skills. This gives your mom a chance to see all of her loved ones and spend some quality time laughing at everyone’s cooking. Additionally, putting up a fun video background on Zoom is a great way to get the party going. Other video-calling apps like Skype and FaceTime are simple and user-friendly as well. SCRAPBOOK TOGETHER Scrapbooking with your mom is a classic way to relive some of the best moments you’ve had together. Collecting old boxes of baby pictures and photo albums is a great way to catalog all of the biggest family memories. As you and your mother work on separate pages and bind them together, you’re turning the old photos into something amazing. Additionally, scrapbook materials are cheap, and complete kits range from $10–$40. BUILD A GARDEN Gardening with your mom is fun for everyone, especially if she likes to stay active. Since it's spring, you’ll find that gardening stores (most are open because they’re considered essential) are packed with many beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables to choose from. By starting a small garden for your mom, you’re creating fun memories, and as the garden grows, she will have her favorite plants just feet away. MAKE HER FAVORITE DESSERT If your mom is usually the chief of the household, asking her to relax and take a seat on Mother’s Day while you bake her

favorite dessert is a great way to enjoy each other’s company. Even if you’re not a great chef, this is the perfect time to bond as she shares her techniques with you. To ensure everything goes right, in the weeks prior to the holiday, ask her what her favorite dessert is and how she makes it. By having all the supplies at hand, she’s less inclined to help as most mothers tend to do. As she’s enjoying her favorite dessert, clean the entire kitchen so she doesn’t worry about it later. TAKE CARE OF HER ERRANDS Creating a day of full relaxation goes a long way for mothers, especially if they’re used to using the weekends to run errands. Instead, tackle her errands and chores while she relaxes and enjoys an entire day on the couch. To ensure the day is a success, ask her friends about her usual chores as well as her favorite movies and snacks. (You can also figure out what she’s watching if you share a streaming account.) Before you head out for the day on errands, watch a movie or show with her and ask why it means so much to her. Chatting with your mom about this gives her a chance to open up and bond with you. These are just some of the ways you can thank the mothers in your life during this odd situation. If you have any fun ways to make the most out of a homebound Mother’s Day, let us know next time we chat! –Dora Godnig, P.T.

–Cara Sadowski, P.T.

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