Meet the Directors

Doug Neale BOARD DIRECTOR | 2006 to present

I grew up in the Alberni Valley on Vancouver Island during an era when parents did not need to know where we were all the time. Streams and forests were in our backyard, so it was easy to develop a great love of the outdoors where friends and I hiked, fished, foraged, played baseball, built treehouses etc. After High School, some of us were fortunate enough to get jobs in the pulp mill where, after getting all the overtime we could we were able to afford our years at University.

I spent most of my working life in the Delta School District as a teacher, vice-principal, principal, and Delta Teachers’ Association president. In fact, in 1970 as a brand- new vice-principal and 1972 as a brand-new principal I was fortunate to open new schools. During my time as a Principal, I also

DOUG NEALE Newfoundland, Canada (2017)

served for several years on a BC Teachers’ Federation committee whose members would travel to different remote communities to try and help resolve simmering disputes. After retiring from Delta, I worked with UBC student teachers for a few years. I loved my years in education and being an active advocate for the public school system. My wife Ann and I have 3 engaged and caring adult boys (men) and 3 beautiful Winnipeg grandchildren from 3 to 11 years old. Ann and I enjoy travelling to different destinations in Canada and around the world. Our favourite trips always seem to revolve around a lot of hiking. Leisure time activities include flyfishing, golfing, hiking, walking our puppy Tika, reading, following politics etc. After retirement, I volunteered as a Crisis Line worker when the Crisis Line was a part of Surrey Community Services Society and I was asked if I would be interested in becoming a Board member. I served on the Board for a short time before it merged with Options and when we were looking at merging, I could see that the two societies would be a particularly good fit and I became an Options Board member. I continued with the Options’ Board because it was apparent that a lot of impressive work was happening in our community because of the dedicated and caring staff. The wide-ranging programs that we operate encompass so many societal issues and I am in awe of the incredible work that everyone does. I am so proud to play a small role on behalf of the Society.



Shyanne Boudreau BOARD DIRECTOR | 2018 to present

Taanishi, my name is Shyanne Boudreau. My father, Richard, is Métis and Acadien from the Northern Region of New Brunswick and my mother, Lynda, is a Samì and Polish first generation settler from the Lower Mainland. I have had the opportunity to live in many regions of Turtle Island, throughout my life, but I currently reside on the unceded, traditional and ancestral lands of the Musqueam and Squamish Peoples.

I am privileged to work closely with the H ə n̓q̓ ə min̓ ə m speaking Musqueam community in my role as the Coordinator of the Gathering Space, Indigenous Education and Services (IES) at sn ə w̓ey əɬ lel ə m̓, Langara College. My main role at the College is to support our Indigenous learners in any way that I can. Our IES team works closely together alongside other internal student service teams to ensure the success of our students and it is an honor to get to spend my days with our amazing students. Maarsii, Shy As my mother is originally from Whalley, I have been afforded the opportunity to spend much time in the Surrey area, which as we know Options has served for many years. My parents always ensured that community and supporting community were a big part of mine, and my brother’s lives. I have always been impressed with Options mission to help others help themselves and their desire to listen to their community, to learn first hand what folks need and do everything they can to support their needs. When I was completing my Masters Degree at SFU, I was approached by my supervisor and advised that Options Community Services was looking for new Board members. Knowing about my commitment to serving and supporting communities, he encouraged me to apply and I guess the rest is history! Since joining the Board I continue to be in awe of the incredible dedication to removing barriers and creating dignified and accessible programming. It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve on this Board and I look forward to remaining a part of the Options family for many years to come.

SHYANNE BOUDREAU Grand Canyon (2019)

The Grand Canyon region has been home to humans for more than 13,000 years. The Ancestral Puebloan people have lived in and around the canyon for several thousand years, leaving behind dwellings, garden sites, food storage areas, and artifacts. Modern tribes still consider Grand Canyon their homeland. Eleven contemporary tribes have cultural links to the area, and their oral histories are rich with references to the creation of that great chasm and torrential river. These eleven tribes include: Havasupai Tribe, AZ; Hopi Tribe, AZ; Hualapai Tribe, AZ; Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians, AZ; Las Vegas Band of Paiute Indians, NV; Moapa Band of Paiute Indians, NV; Navajo Nation, AZ; Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, UT; San Juan Southern Paiute Tribe, AZ; The Pueblo of Zuni, NM and Yavapai- Apache Nation, AZ.



Michael Kendler BOARD DIRECTOR | 1990 to present

I moved from Toronto after graduation and have lived and worked in Surrey for the past 45 years. I met my wife Joyce, in divorce court and we’ve been married for 42 years. Together we have raised 3 children. Joyce and I began travelling after our children left home. We mostly did bike trips, but also travelled to Tibet, Antarctica, Egypt, Galapagos Islands, Namibia and Myanmar.


In 1990, I was approached by Options’ then Board Chair, Trevor Armstrong; a friend in the legal profession and now a Supreme Court Judge, to join the Board. I suspect because he was told to find a replacement before he could step down.

The other directors, including Ken Holmberg and Lyn Policha made me feel welcome.

Over the past 30 years, I have served in various capacities, including 14 years as Board Chair. In addition, I have served on a number of committees for various terms, including the Finance, Audit, Housing Development and Constitution & Bylaws committees. A good argument for term limits!

I have stayed because I like the people and out of gratitude to Surrey, for the opportunities the city has given me.

India in November 2019 started with a few days in the southwest, in Kerala, then an organized bike trip, 5 guests (2 English, 1 Italian and us 2 Canadians), a guide, a driver and a helper. The tour began in Delhi, continued to Agra, then Rajasthan, ending in Jaipur. Along the way we stayed in 2 maharajas’ palaces, a national park and one night in hospital following a bike accident. After the tour, my wife and I taxied to Pushkar for the annual camel festival, then Udaipur before returning to Canada.

JOYCE & MICHAEL India (2019)



Amanda Bratch BOARD DIRECTOR | 2019 to present

I was born in England and moved to Surrey when I was 7 years old. I met my husband, Parm through mutual friends soon after graduating from the University of BC, where I attained both my undergraduate as well as Master’s degrees. I was proud to help patients as a Clinical Dietitian and Diabetes Educator at Surrey Memorial hospital and have continued my career throughout Western Canada - always covering the Fraser Health Authority. Our twins, who were born at Surrey Memorial Hospital, are forging their own paths locally after recently graduating from university.

AMANDA BRATCH Canmore and Lake Louise Trip (2020)

I love hiking and enjoyed a 3-day trip in the Canmore and Lake Louise area in September 2020.

Wanting to give back to the community that has given me so much, I was delighted to be selected to join the Options’ Board of Directors in 2019. Current Board Chair and longtime friend, Kamaljit Lehal was instrumental in my initial introduction and has been an exceptional mentor during these early board years. The entire board has been very welcoming and supportive.

I serve on the Governance Committee and focus on embodying the values

of Options’ staff members who work endlessly for vulnerable members of our community; supporting them in a safe, consistent and secure manner.



Craig East BOARD DIRECTOR | 2001 to present

I grew up in Fernie, BC, before attending UBC. After UBC, I obtained my Chartered Accountants designation (now known as CPA, CA) and last year earned by ICD.D designation. I have been a resident of Surrey for 45+ years. My wife, Rosemary grew up in Surrey as well, graduating from Queen Elizabeth High School before going on to UBC to become a teacher. We raised our family of three kids and now enjoy watching and helping our six grandchildren grow up in the lower mainland which has been and will continue to be ‘interesting and fun’. Once the youngest child was in high school, Rosemary went back into teaching, with most of her teaching years at Princess Margaret High School.

CRAIG & ROSEMARY EAST Victoria, BC (2020)

Rosemary and I love ‘trailing’ … hooking up our 40-year-old RV trailer to the SUV and travelling over the hills, plains and mountains

of western North America, spending time in small communities. During COVID last year, we re- visited places in southern British Columbia, which we had not been to in years. It was a sharp reminder of the beauty of BC. By nature, I am a curious person with a finance and broad business background. I retired in 2019 after 50 years of working with others to make teams of people perform more effectively. I was introduced to Options by Director, Mike Kendler and joined the Board more than 20 years ago. I believed I could help the Board and management understand the ‘financial’ and ‘the business of Options’ in a relevant and helpful way. Options continues to be an amazing organization of good, caring, and smart people, doing good work for the sustainability of the organization and good work for its clients, stakeholders and the communities. As Chair of the Board Audit Committee and a member of the Board Finance and Risk Management Committees, I have gained a strong understanding of the breadth of Options’ operations. About 10 years ago, the Board asked that I represent Options on the newly-formed Board Voice Society of BC (Board Voice). Board Voice was created to be a provincial voice of Community Directors from across our province for our community services organizations. This experience greatly expanded my understanding of - and passion for, solving the major issues facing our sector. In the fall of 2020, I stepped down from Board Voice which gave me more time to focus on Options. Outside of Options and work, my interests include more than 30 years as an active business volunteer with the Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT). I have found there are many ‘cross-over’ matters that impact both Options’ clients and Surrey Business. Working with Options and SBOT groups to make Surrey a better community for its residents and businesses has been quite satisfying.


APRIL 2021

Kirsty Davis BOARD DIRECTOR | 2018 to present

I was born in South Africa and came to Canada with my parents and younger sister when I was 5 years old.

I grew up in the Fraser Valley and practiced Taekwondo for 12+ years, eventually becoming a Taekwondo instructor myself and earning my 4th degree black belt.

I love to travel and was lucky enough to study abroad several times during university, spending a couple semesters in Ireland and Austria. After earning my Bachelors of Business Administration, I jumped into the world of public accounting and earned my CPA designation. When I’m not staring at spreadsheets, I love listening to nerdy podcasts, paddle boarding or riding my motorcycle (I’m still learning!). After writing my CPA exam and finding myself with more time, I wanted to find a way to be a positive influence on my community. When I found out about the wide array of incredible programs that Options offers (many of which I knew about but didn’t realize were linked to the same society), I knew that I had to convince them to let me be part of this wonderful organization! I joined the Board in 2018 and every time we meet, I learn what has been going on within the Society over the last month. I feel humbled to be surrounded by such an amazing group of people, from the staff in the field to our incredible Chief Executive Officer.

KIRSTY DAVIS Kelowna, BC (2018)

While this photo looks like it may have been taken in Australia or New Zealand, it was actually taken in our own BC backyard! In 2018, I enjoyed a “girls trip” up to Kelowna and one of our adventures was to visit the Kangaroo Creek Farm .


APRIL 2021

Sheryl Pringle BOARD DIRECTOR | 2021 to present

I was born in North Vancouver and grew up in Surrey from the time I was 4 years old onward. I count myself lucky to have been an only child – I spent a lot of time with my mom and dad growing up, who were both very dedicated to helping me excel in various sports and school. I was a competitive swimmer, tennis and

badminton player – and having a background in competitive sports taught me many life skills that have helped me through my life experience. I’m a CPA, CGA – and curious about everything. I have a wonderful husband, amazing son, and our dog Eddy is a best friend to each of us. My true joy comes in spending time with my family, and being outdoors.


I was lucky that one of my first jobs out of BCIT was working at Surrey Community Services Society, before they merged with Options. In my role as Associate Accountant, I gained valuable experience that helped me obtain my CGA (CPA) designation, but more importantly it opened my eyes to many social issues I would have otherwise not been as aware of. Compassion and empathy have always been core values of mine, but this experience inspired my passion for finding ways to help others and give back. Over the past couple of years, I have had a mystical experience finding four leaf clovers that my son and I turned into a small charity – Currently I am the Senior Vice President of Finance for Mr. Mikes Restaurants Corporation. I have been lucky to work with this great organization – and its great people – for the past 11 years. Mr. Mikes makes delicious food – but we also prioritize giving back to the communities we serve through our Mr. Mikes Community Connections initiatives. As a resident of Surrey for over 30 years, and now a resident of Langley, I have a vested interest in seeing this community grow and prosper. I am so thrilled that my connection to Options has come full circle, and I am able to give back to an organization that helped me in so many ways.



Louella Mathias BOARD DIRECTOR | 2013 to present

My husband Kevin and I moved to Toronto in 1990 with 2 small boys aged 4 and 1 years, respectively. After 30 years of work experience in the social service and education sectors, I began a new career in 2019, as a consultant in risk management and program evaluation. As I look back on these 30 years in Canada, it has been one hell of a ride. Leaving behind a wonderful lifestyle and moving to a new country with no family support enabled me to develop family-like bonds and I consider myself amongst the lucky ones who was able to ‘choose my relatives’!!

LOUELLA MATHIAS Cairo, Egypt (2016)

Our two sons are now married and starting families of their own. Ryan is a gastroenterologist in Australia, and Andrew is a Chartered Accountant with KMPG in Vancouver. With both boys out of the house, Hannah our German Shepherd rules our roost! I have moved home 14 times and travelled around the globe mostly due to Kevin’s work-related transfers. The moves meant new beginnings, re-establishing social


networks, and settling my sons into schools and new routines. I loved the moves. I got to travel to exotic places, broaden my thinking over cultures and customs, and as an added bonus, we have social networks in so many countries. When not working, gardening or volunteering, l am either travelling or making travel plans. I’ve covered 45 countries of the world and know I have a lot more to do! I am also finally returning to my stained glasswork/hobby. I was invited to join Options board by Director, Tim Beachy. Tim and I had worked on a policy project about 15 years ago. In 2012, when I returned to Canada from a 3-year posting to New York, we reconnected, and here I am. I am enjoying my role with Options and knowing that I am a part of its growth and success is truly fulfilling.


MAY 2021

Anoop Khosla BOARD DIRECTOR | 2019 to present

I was born in Mombassa, Kenya and immigrated to Canada with my parents and siblings in 1972. We initially settled in Burnaby and relocated to Surrey in 1980, where I continue to reside. I am fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Swahili. I achieved post-graduate diplomas in Marketing at UBC and in Concrete technology at BCIT. These skills were the foundation of my work in the concrete and steel and concrete product industry. Today, my work continues in the industry as President of Midvalley Rebar Ltd. in Surrey. In 1977, I married my wife and we have a 23-year old son who is currently pursuing his own university studies. Our family’s favourite past time is travelling. We have journeyed to Kenya, India and Europe and enjoyed visiting with many family members in England and Germany.


I believe strongly in volunteering and giving back to the community. Over the years, I have contributed in various roles, some of which include: • Serving on the Canadian Standards Association committee; • Advisory Council Member to ICBC President; • Director of Surrey Chamber of Commerce; • Director of South Fraser Child Development Centre; and, • Trustee of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society. Giving back to the community, both from my companies as well as through volunteering, is very important to me. I have always believed that 10% of what you earn should go back to the community and am pleased to share that same philosophy with partners in my company. I have been a Board Director since 2019 and particularly enjoy serving on the New Housing Development committee as it relates to my own work industry and focuses on the very real need for affordable housing in the community.

testimonial Last year, in light of ever evolving situations related to COVID-19, BCSIS reached out to several organizations, programs to arrange groceries for our vulnerable newcomer clients. Canadian Hindu Foundation is one such organization that offered support right in time. Anoop and Raj Joshi from the organization were actively involved in ensuring that people in need attain food security; they personally delivered essential items to our office. With hearts full of gratitude, 34 Refugee Claimants pertaining to different nationalities received bags full of beans, milk, wheat, sugar, tea, coffee, oil, rice, lentils and much more. It was, indeed, heartwarming to witness their active involvement and dedication to support our clients in need. Last month, I again connected with Anoop over a phone call to arrange more food support for newcomers. He responded to our request with the same enthusiasm and desire to create an impact on the society. He patiently learned about the needs and offered complete encouragement to develop a plan in order to help 10 families from India a month for three consecutive months. Together we continue to work around the plan with an intention to make valuable improvements within the program. Working with Anoop has been a true delight. I vouch for his love for the community and thank him sincerely for his contribution, time, and efforts. The society needs more ‘Anoop’s’ to create a remarkable difference and restore our faith in Humanity. Savleen Kaur Employment Support Specialist for Refugee Claimants BC Settlement and Integration Services


JUNE 2021

Tim Beachy BOARD DIRECTOR | 2011 to present

I was raised on the Pillager Ojibwe traditional lands in North Central

Minnesota. In my late teens, I became a war resister against the Vietnam War and came to Canada as an immigrant in 1970.

In 1971, I married my wife Susan and we have lived communally with friends and family for 40 of our 50 years of married life. We live in Langley, BC on the unceded lands of the Kwantlen people. We have lived in Abbotsford, BC as well as temporarily in Ottawa, Ontario and Eugene, Oregon.


I have a master’s degree in Applied Community and Organizational Psychology from the University of Oregon. My entire professional career has been practicing in the social services and philanthropic sector; including, Executive Director of a social services organization, Vice President of United Way of Canada and CEO of the United Community Services Co- operative. I joined Options’ Board more than 10 years ago now after being stalked by Board Director, Craig East and Chief Executive Officer, Christine Mohr. The timing was perfect as I had recently left my full-time professional position and was looking for something to do in the sector. In 2013, I began serving as Board Chair and handed over those reins to Kamaljit Lehal in 2019. I continue to serve as a Director and as Chair of the New Housing Development committee.

At age 73, I love to read historical novels and enjoy working in the gardens of our place. I feel fit enough to carry on for a long while yet!


JUNE 2021

Kamaljit Lehal BOARD CHAIR | 1996 to present

I was born in London England, my parents were born in Nairobi Kenya, my grandparents in Punjab India and my four children are first generation Canadians. My parents moved to Canada in 1975 when I was ten years old, it was a tough transition to leave my friends behind and go from being the oldest in the class to the youngest. Somewhere along the way I lost my British accent, however, I am told it resurfaces on occasion.

I always knew from a young age that I wanted to be a lawyer, in fact I was primed for it being the only girl in the family and having two brothers, I felt like I had to make sure my voice was heard. My parents would often remark when I stood my ground that I should be a lawyer. So I


went to UBC law school to pursue law and graduated in 1989, and was called to the bar in 1990, this year marks 31 years as a lawyer. Most of my career as a lawyer has been running my own firm and as a sole practitioner, this allowed me flexibility to raise my children and be there for them. However, I was also fortunate and continue to be fortunate to have the support of my husband who has stepped up to the plate in many ways to help raise our children and support my career and community involvement. As a family we have travelled extensively, which we love doing, from local trips within Canada to going abroad to Asia, Nairobi and various countries in Europe - we have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to create some amazing memories. However, I have been banned by my children from taking selfies on our travels as I am not very good at doing them, as can be seen from the spotlight photo. I have been on Options’ Board as since 1996, but my involvement with Options goes back well beyond that to when I was around 18 years old when I worked for Options as a Child Care Worker as a summer job. I also volunteered at one of the transition homes. There was no hesitation when I was asked to join the Board to accept the position, in fact it was a real privilege. I can truly say it has been an amazing journey, the past 24 years on the Board, and an honour to be around passionate and committed Board members that truly have the heart of the community at the forefront. It has been equally a privilege to be surrounded by strong leadership in the CEO, E-Team, and inspiring to see the commitment of staff and volunteers. I am beyond honored to be Chair of this amazing organization and seeing how it has grown to meet the needs of the communities it serves.


JUNE 2021

Jeff Scott BOARD DIRECTOR | 2021 to present

I was born in Sarnia, Ontario as the youngest of four children and in 1971 my dad relocated us to Tsawwassen to start work at the newly constructed Roberts Bank Coal Terminal. My dad was born and raised in Baie Comeau, Quebec and my mom was from Bathurst, New Brunswick both from large families. With 34 aunts and uncles spread out throughout BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes it brought our cross country family road trips to a whole new level. I started dating my wife in my last year of high school, and we have now been married for 30 years. Carolyn is a primary teacher in the Richmond School District. We are blessed with three exceptional children. My oldest son is entering his second year of law school, my younger son will be finishing his last year of engineering and my daughter will soon be starting her last year of high school with the goal of attending medical school. Our family enjoys spending time together skiing, biking and hiking many of the local trails around the Lower Mainland. We also enjoy travelling and are fortunate to have journeyed together to many interesting parts of the world. I spend my remaining free time golfing, building, genealogy and volunteering. I obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Finance from the University of British Columbia. During my university days, I worked for the Port of Vancouver and was encouraged by a colleague to attend British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Diploma in Shipping and Marine Operations program. I was headed to the RCMP when unintentionally, I followed in my father’s footsteps and was assigned a work project at Fraser Surrey Docks as part of my second term. I started out as a dispatcher and spent the next twenty eight years working through all departments and areas of the organization. During the last 10 years, I had the privilege of being appointed President and CEO at the height of the global financial crisis. I lead the organization through restructuring, diversification, rebuilding and most recently a sale. I stayed on until the end of April 2020 and COVID presented a great opportunity to spend some quality time with my family. I accepted a new challenge in March 2021 joining Coastal Pacific Xpress as President and CEO after their recent divestment from Versacold. Both FSD and CPX are head quartered in Surrey. For the last 10 years I have been a director on the Reach Child and Youth Development Foundation where we recently completed a successful capital campaign to build a new $5 million outreach and services facility in downtown Ladner. The new building has allowed

us to support more


children with special needs and their family. I have volunteered at

local community events and was actively involved as a youth coach for many years in local soccer, baseball and hockey associations. Previously, I was Chair of the Board of the BC Maritime Employers Association and currently Chair of the Fraser River Industrial Association advocating for sustainable and responsible economic activity in the Lower Fraser River. I am a Quantum Shift Fellow for the Ivey Business School and a member of McKay CEO Forums. I recently obtained the Institute of Corporate Directors designation (ICD.D) from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto where I met fellow Director Craig East. Craig had reached out to me during the final session of our Directors course and asked if I would be interested in joining the board at OCS. I had heard him talk passionately about his involvement and I liked the idea of getting involved in a larger more diverse community organization in Surrey. We also felt that my past experience in Risk Management, Governance and Community Engagement would be of benefit. Learning more, I was impressed with the wide range of social services OCS provides and all the different levels of community it supports. Through challenges some of my relatives and friends have unfortunately experienced, I have personally witnessed the benefits of several OCS programs. I am excited to join the board and bring my experience and passion for community to help support the great work that OCS, its staff and volunteers undertake every day.


JUNE 2021

Devinder Sekhon BOARD DIRECTOR | 2021 to present

I was born in Punjab India in a small farming village. I spent all of my growing years in India at various schools and universities.

I met my wife, Bunty, while I was completing my Masters’ program at a

university in India. Bunty was born and raised in Canada but was visiting India at that time. I followed her to Canada, right after finishing my studies and we got married in 1978. We are blessed with 3 beautiful children, 2 girls and a boy who are not children any more. We are proud grandparents of 7 grandchildren.


I went through all the ups and downs of settling in a new country and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Hard work, perseverance and the generosity many wonderful friends, colleagues, and family have enabled me to be in a position to enjoy this wonderful life and the privilege of contributing to make and keep this community, a best place to live. I deeply believe in human equality and social justice. I believe a decent place one can call home is the very foundation of a civil society and a fundamental human right. Any opportunity I get to contribute to this cause is a privilege. I want to cherish and make the most of it. I have enjoyed various sports throughout my life to keep fit; including, playing field hockey on a university team in India, running long distance and participating in couple of marathons. For leisure, I play tennis, squash, golf and my new found love, cycling.

I am honoured to join this organization and look forward to serving for many years to come.



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