Meet the Directors

Devinder Sekhon BOARD DIRECTOR | 2021 to present

I was born in Punjab India in a small farming village. I spent all of my growing years in India at various schools and universities.

I met my wife, Bunty, while I was completing my Masters’ program at a

university in India. Bunty was born and raised in Canada but was visiting India at that time. I followed her to Canada, right after finishing my studies and we got married in 1978. We are blessed with 3 beautiful children, 2 girls and a boy who are not children any more. We are proud grandparents of 7 grandchildren.


I went through all the ups and downs of settling in a new country and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Hard work, perseverance and the generosity many wonderful friends, colleagues, and family have enabled me to be in a position to enjoy this wonderful life and the privilege of contributing to make and keep this community, a best place to live. I deeply believe in human equality and social justice. I believe a decent place one can call home is the very foundation of a civil society and a fundamental human right. Any opportunity I get to contribute to this cause is a privilege. I want to cherish and make the most of it. I have enjoyed various sports throughout my life to keep fit; including, playing field hockey on a university team in India, running long distance and participating in couple of marathons. For leisure, I play tennis, squash, golf and my new found love, cycling.

I am honoured to join this organization and look forward to serving for many years to come.



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