AMS Solution Series & Eliminator Hoods O&M

Operation & Maintenance Guide

The cables on top of the fume hood should be replaced if there is damage to the protective coating which prevents smooth operation of the sash. Plumbing handles should turn only in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. If the handles seem loose or wobbly, check the screw behind the index button or the cotter pin that connects the handle to the valve. Annual Maintenance The hoods must be balanced to maintain the proper air flow across the face of the fume hoods. This procedure should be performed on an annual basis to make sure all exhaust fans are performing properly, and proper air flow is being achieved. Contact your local HVAC contractor for assistance with balancing the air flow. Additional Accessories If additional accessories have been added to your specific fume hood, such as magnahelic gauges or air flow monitors, a separate manual specifically addressing those items has been supplied and should be consulted. Stainless Steel Work Surfaces Upon receipt of your order, please take care to inspect the products to be sure that they have been made to order, and that damage has not occurred in transit. There is a five day window to report any damage you should find. In this unlikely event, please contact us or the dealer that you purchased from, and we will assist you promptly.

Our stainless-steel countertops are made with a type 304 stainless steel, with a number 4, b-brushed finished. Countertops are guaranteed, under normal usage, for a one-year period from the date of receipt. This warranty is null and void if damage has occurred as a result of mistreatment or non-typical use of the product. All of our stainless steel products should be received in a shiny and new condition. To maintain that new appearance, we recommend using a stainless-steel cleaner and polish. Clean up spills and residue immediately to help maintain a new appearance. Consult with your safety officer regarding proper clean up procedures and disposal coating which prevents smooth operation of the sash. Sash Operation While operating the sash, DO NOT use excessive force to open the sash. Doing this can cause the chain/cable system to jump and cause the sash to sag, or not work entirely. If the sash becomes difficult to open, please make sure that all maintenance steps have been followed. In most cases, general maintenance will allow for the easy opening of the sash.


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