AMS Solution Series & Eliminator Hoods O&M


S TARTUP The AFA 500 must be field-‐calibrated after an HVAC professional balances the room air supply and exhaust. When the unit is powered up, the following sequence of events occurs: 1. The alarm performs a self-‐test of its functions, LEDs and audible alarm (approximately 2 seconds) and then initiates a delay timer of 30 seconds to allow the airflow sensor to stabilize. 2. During the 30-‐second stabilizing period, all alarms and relay outputs are deactivated and the red and green LEDs remain on. 3. At the end of the delay, the unit will do one of two things: a. If the monitor has been calibrated , the unit enters normal operating mode (solid green light for safe velocity, red light and audible alarm if low velocity). b. If the unit has not been calibrated, the red and green LEDs will flash, the audible alarm will be muted. C ALIBRATION — S INGLE P OINT (D EFAULT ) 1. Determine the desired alarm point, then use a calibrated instrument to position the sash such that the face velocity of the hood is equivalent to the desired alarm point. 2. A LARM P ANEL D IMENSIONS


3” (76.2 mm)

4.37” (111mm)

Press and hold the ENTER button for 5 seconds to enter Calibration Mode. This is indicated by both red and green LEDs flashing with the audible alarm beeping. 3. To initiate calibration, press and hold the ENTER and SET buttons at the same time. The unit will sample the airflow for 5 seconds, during which time the

5.2 ʺ″ (132mm)

green LED goes off and the red LED flashes. The audible alarm continues to sound during the air sampling.

4. If calibration is successful, the monitor will give a two-‐ tone beep at the end of the air sample, and then automatically enter run mode. 5. If the ENTER or SET button is released during the air sampling period, or if the airflow is fluctuating too much, the alarm will emit a lower-‐frequency buzzing for a short period and then re-‐enter calibration mode. If this occurs, press the ENTER and SET buttons again

3.19 ʺ″ (81mm)

2” (50.8 mm)

Two fixing holes, 2.5 mm diameter for two #6 self-‐tapping screws, provided.

to repeat the airflow sampling.

6. When calibration is complete, lower the sash to operating height and the green LED should light, indicating an airflow greater than the calibrated alarm point. If the airflow drops below the alarm point, the unit will go into alarm condition (red LED flashing, audible horn beeping).

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