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T he Think Realty team is forever grateful to our awesome contributors who selflessly share their expertise and devote time to writing fresh, insightful content. Our recurring contributors are gracious and willing to write for us often with little notice. And they always pull through. Why do they do it? We asked Lorraine Beato, real estate investor and businesswoman extraordinaire in the Atlanta area, what she likes about contributing to Think Realty. Here’s what she had to say: Meet Lorraine Beato

Lorraine Beato (center) with her daughters Cassandra (left) and Alexandra (right).

“Oftentimes I find myself to be the only woman in the room when it comes to investing in real estate. Women are finally starting to realize that they too can do

real estate game! I began my journey with Think Realty at their Atlanta event back in 2016 where I was on one of their panels with two other women in the real estate investment arena. Think Realty embraces and recognizes that women have a place in the real estate investing world. I am honored to be a past and current contributor to an orga - nization that helps empower women and investors at all levels to learn more and be successful by staying on top of current real estate and economic trends that impact all of us.”

it and they can be at the front of the room! One of the reasons I love being a contributor for Think Realty is because they recognize that there are some real movers and shakers in the real estate investing world. Take a look at their past magazines and you will see some amazing women killing it in the

—Lorraine Beato

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