Melissa Hamaker Chief Operations Officer at Stromberg Investment Group

MELISSAHAMAKER spent many years in com - mercial insurance before shifting to a career in real estate five years ago. As a busy mom she realized she needed a change from insurance and was eager to learn something new. She started part time at Strom- berg Investment Group and quickly moved up the ranks. Now she manages employees, operations, and clos - ings and determines the company’s markets. As COO, Hamaker keeps “the train on its tracks” at SIG. Here is more of her story: What is your real estate investing start-up story? “I took a part time position with Stromberg Invest - ment Group working in the leasing department answer - ing the phone and assisting potential tenants. My work caught the attention of SIG’s CEO Glenn Stromberg as I began noticing ways to improve processes and issues within the company. I remember clearly sitting in my first quarterly meeting when he asked a question no one wanted to answer, one that required an answer that showed a weakness and problem within a pro- cess. I raised my hand and answered his question with honesty and without reservation and from that point on nothing was the same. I began assisting and training under him and operating in all areas of the company and the rest is history. With hard work and a fabulous team, we have taken Stromberg Investments from a small operation of four employees in one state with a couple purchases a month to a multimillion-dollar company in four states with over 11 employees and countless sub-contractors. We deploy well over five million dollars of investment capital per year, manage 400+ properties, and close on average 12 properties a month.”

18 | think realty magazine :: march 2021

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