Chantelle Owens Founder & CEO of GA Tax Lien Bootcamp

CHANTELLE OWENS is a buy and hold investor who acquires property solely through tax lien investing. The real estate seed was planted early in Owens’ life, when at 17 years old, she helped collect rent for her cousin’s rental properties. “I was fascinated with the concept even at such an early age. My cousin was only 25 years old, which intrigued me even more. I knew I wanted a way to be able to collect money every month and own property that other people lived in. It felt so boss-ish!” she said. Fast-forward seven years, after getting out of the mil - itary and working in corporate America, Owens quickly realized she needed to create an exit plan. Around this time, she was approached by a co-worker who offered $8,000 in exchange for allowing him to use her credit to invest in real estate. “It seems crazy now, but I jumped on that offer and I haven’t looked back. At the time, I my annual salary was only $30K. As you can imagine after doing three of those deals, I was both ready to leave my position as an administrative assistant and go full steam ahead into real estate investing with my own credit. The only problem was that I didn’t know what I was doing, until one late night, I ordered the Carleton Sheets, No Money Down program from an infomercial,” Owens said. She took that course and studied until she felt comfort - able making no-money-down offers “or what many call ‘subject to’ offers.” From there, Owens became a whole - saler, then moved on to fix and flip and eventually ended up being a housing provider for the sole purpose of having an exit strategy. Now, she is the Tax Lien Queen. Here is more about Chantelle Owens and her profes- sional climb in REI: What niche of REI do you prefer and why? “I am partial to investing in tax liens. It is an amazing way for the average, hard-working person to get their foot in the real estate door. Being able to purchase properties for pennies on the dollar can help many people create financial freedom. Plus owning property free and clear is very liberating.” What characteristics do you exhibit that have made you successful? “I have been told that I have high expectations, both of others and more particularly of myself. I am willing to go the proverbial extra mile, beyond what is usually deemed necessary.

24 | think realty magazine :: march 2021

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