Investing in Turnkey Rental Companies in 2021

by Jason Engelman, Freaky Fast Home Buyers

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s this: make sure you like where you live. After being in quarantine for months, you either love or hate your home. We saw it was the year of major home improvement projects coast to coast. Last year also proved to investors that single-family homes are great investments. Blackstone Group reported in September 2020 they were deploying $300 million into SFH. We continue to see strong underlying fundamentals in the rental-housing sector, and believe the company’s high-quality, income-generating assets are poised to generate stable performance under the leadership of its best-in-class management team,” said Frank Cohen, chief executive officer of Blackstone’s investment vehicle, a nontraded real estate investment trust called “BREIT.”

Desire for SFH investing is growing. Predictions indicate 2021 is going to be one of the greatest wealth-creating opportunities than ever before. I’m sure you have heard real estate gurus say something like this many times now. But it’s true. However, it’s my belief that it’s going to be short-lived. The inven - tory that will hit the market from foreclosures will be sucked up by the bigger investment groups. I see it being a buying frenzy. I also expect to see the demand for rental properties go up. People need a place to live. With foreclosures going up, the amount of potential tenants will also increase. This is why finding a turnkey company to work with is so important. Here are four reasons turnkey companies can help you see growth in your portfolio this year:


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