Aligned StrategicWealth

by Gary Pinkerton

At Aligned StrategicWealth (ASW), we aim to support you in adding value to and bringing success for your investors. Our target client is the modern American Patriot – the rugged individual that willingly takes ownership for their life, family, business, investments and lega - cy. Our country was founded on the unprecedented idea that the citi - zens outrank the government whose power extends only to protecting the individual and their rights – America gives people the confidence that if they do the work and put the money in to create something, whether it’s a product or a service, they get to reap the rewards. 250 years ago, Amer - ica was first to try this experiment and the explosive results are evident across the globe. Human potential is limitless, yet there are millions of people that come to the end of life not having shared their unique genius with the world because their environment doesn’t support it, their time is consumed making ends meet, and they’ve been

beaten into belief that their dream is not possible. Helping people set up a bulletproof personal economy of a Strong Foundation + Cash Flowing Investments so they can focus on their passion and achieve greatness is what drives Team ASW. It comes down to people having the ability to devote time to what they’re unique - ly good at or interested in and then prospering from their effort. THE KEY: FUNDINGASAFE & EFFICIENT PERSONAL ECONOMY, AFOUNDATIONTO WEALTH ASW helps people build a personal economy where they’ve got control over how they use their resources and what they choose to do in life. A personal economy lays a foundation that enables them to invest in them - selves and their business, far more important than investing in their 401K. And to be successful long- term, Patriots need reserves in a place that are protected and private,

offsetting risks that typically cause families and small businesses to fail, like inflation, shutdowns, recessions and high taxes. At ASW, we use insurance-based financial planning and services to solve that foundational level. At the core, my team educates on the use of an insurance policy as a vehi- cle for storing emergency money, reserves for their businesses or properties, and cash for upcoming major expenses and investments, where it’s protected and can grow three or four times as fast as it would in a savings account and with- out the impact of taxes. This financial foundation, the life insurance benefit, privacy, protec - tion, and tax-free wealth available through this strategy is powerful. And it is the best vehicle for enabling financial dreams and growing per - manent wealth. Let’s change the future for your investors and help keep America great!


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