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Not only does our cover story feature women doing great things in their respective REI fields,

n an ever-changing industry like real

estate, there is always something—or some- one—to learn from.That’s why we feature so many investor stories in the pages of Think Realty Magazine .

but many articles in this issue are written by our

beloved female Think Realty contributors. Like Nancy Wal - lace-Laabs who on page 68 shares

Welcome to Think Realty’s annual Women to Watch issue! These pages shine a light on six female entrepreneurs and executives, and their empowering stories might very well propel you to a new level in your real estate invest - ing journey! From behind-the-scenes leading lenders to an on-the-screen designer, these women are all different, yet prove the same thing—women CAN achieve success in the vast world of real estate investing. And they want to help others do the same.

how—and why—you can modify your marketing efforts. And on page 64, Atlan- ta-based investor Lorraine Beato breaks down the fix-and-flip process. We are grateful to all our contributors who send wonderful content each month with the mission to empower and educate readers all over the country. I hope you enjoy this issue of Think Realty Magazine as much as I do. The stories inside these pages illustrate how far ANYONE can come—when they are in a real estate of mind. •

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