I had to pivot my marketing. Can you imagine if I had just sent one of my “hey I want to buy your house” cards? I do use my name on my mar - keting materials, and I treated her like any other name on my list. So, what did I do instead? I wrote her a personal letter, acknowledging her husband’s death, and giving her my condolences on her loss. I also let her know that since she had shown up on my list, I knew that she would be inundated with other investors’ postcards, letters, etc., and that if she should want to sell the proper- ty, I wanted to “distinguish” myself from the other investors, so rather than just putting it out there that I am interested in buying her house, I let her know that she could use me a resource, should she have questions about selling the home. The out- come of this pivot in my marketing is unknown at the time of this writing but a compassionate approach is never a wrong choice. Real estate investors do look for the next oppor - tunity, and the pandemic is providing some of the opportunities. Real estate investors that have the ability to incorporate a compassionate marketing message and spend the additional time in getting to the clos - ing tables with families in stressful situations, will have the opportunity for further business in the form of a referral if they remember to treat the seller with understanding in the wake of these unprecedented times. •

the dust. People have been through a lot with the pandemic, and sellers, buyers and investors have all been affected one way or another. Referrals, however, have been a lifeline for our business. When you can solve the family problem of sell - ing a property in a pandemic, with courts closed, title companies work - ing from home, having patience to close a deal goes a long way. I per - sonally have had families thank me for the extra time and effort I gave them to get to the closing table. Be more than the money, be more than the investment. People are worried, scared and stressed, and the last thing any property owner looking to sell needs is someone literally taking them for a ride with assignment of contracts, no intent of closing, and not having the funding in place to close the deal. Earlier this year, from my probate marketing I bought an investment property in a prime area that I love. I ended up getting a great deal, worked tediously with the seller

through a shut down court system (for the probate part), title compa - nies that were working from home, and inspectors that had limited avail - ability due to the pandemic. It took about seven weeks longer to close the deal than it normally would, but the great thing is that with my con - stant interaction and contact with the seller, we formed a friendship that transcended buying real estate! I got to know his family and how he had to pivot his business as well. Fast forward into the New Year— an address showed up on my probate list that was literally across from this seller’s house. Now what I didn’t mention is that when the seller could not meet me at the house (it was vacant, and he lived about an hour away) he had introduced me to his neighbor who had an extra key to the house. I recognized the street, and the address seemed familiar, so after some research, I was able to determine that this indeed was the same neighbor, and it was her hus- band that passed away.

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