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60  The Women to Watch Are . . . Everywhere! Progressive change in the REI industry is proof positive by Steve Streetman 62  Permanent Life Insurance and Your Financial Plan How life insurance can play a role in real estate investing by Chad Esslinger

INVESTOR STORIES 12  Presidents’ Circle Featured Members: Bruce and Stephanie Petersen

13  Success Story

Winning at the numbers game

64  The Flipping Process

15  Contributor Corner

Breaking down the fix and flip strategy one step at a time by Lorraine Beato

Meet Lorraine Beato

FUNDAMENTALS 28  Corporate Transparency and Real Estate

68  Compassionate Marketing for Real Estate Investors How to change your messaging in unprecedented times by Nancy Wallace-Laabs

New Federal LLC and Corporation Reporting Requirement for 2021 and Beyond by Clint Coons

30 Building a More Diverse Industry Women in powerful seats in real estate by Don Wenner

DESIGN POINT 72  Design by Theme

How to use thematic charm to transform a shabby property by Tori Martin

35 Sponsored Content: Investor Review

54 Tax Return Mistakes

MARKETS & TRENDS 75  Back to Business Where will recovery take place first? by Ingo Winzer

What you need to know to fix a mistake on your tax return by Richard Hart

56 Hard Money Loans Demystified Why the industry is confusing this type of loan by Michael Mikhail

78  On the Radar: Top Flip States A year in review of biggest gains and busiest markets by Aaron Norris

STRATEGY 58  Building Relationships with Banks, Credit Unions Key to Short- and Long-term Success by Bruce McNeilage

81  Market Spotlight: Houston

Housing market momentum in 2021 by Fred Heigold III

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