Suntory_Spring Production Guide

Spring Production Guide


Your Guide to Growing The Suntory Collection 4 Sungelonia Angelonias 6 Crackling Fire Begonias 8 Marietta Bidens 10 Sunvillea Bougainvilleas 12 Surdaisy Brachyscomes 14 Million Bells Calibrachoas 16 Suntory Chrysocephalum 18 Sundiascia Diascias 20 Princettia Euphorbias 22 Angel Earrings Fuchsias 32 Summer Splash Nierembergias 34 Senetti and Baby Senetti Pericallis 36 Surfinia Petunias 38 Sunrosa Roses 40 Surdiva Scaevolas 42 Ilumina Scoparia 44 Summer Wave Torenias 46 Tapien and Temari Verbenas 48 Violina Violas 50 YESS! – Your Easy Suntory Solution Digital tools for production and marketing 24 Desana Ipomoeas 26 Sunbelia Lobelias 28 Lofos Lophospermums 30 Sun Parasol Mandevillas

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Check Out Our New Grower’s Guide! Welcome to the fourth edition of Sun- tory’s Spring Production Guide, your hand-

book for growing successful crops this coming season. We’ve expanded it from 36 to 52 pages to include eight more crops, including brand new categories, such as Sundiascia diascias and Sunbelia lobelias. You’ll find friendly advice from our licensed growers with many years of experi- ence producing Suntory crops. We’ve also added a few key points that will help you with your buying decisions. For the more established brands, we share the Top 3 best-selling varieties. We also highlight the differences between Suntory genetics and others on the market, as well as recent trials recognitions that dem- onstrate outstanding garden performance. But the most exciting project has been developing our new Grower’s Guide app! (See facing page.) Designed for iPad tablets, this digital resource fully integrates The Suntory Collection Catalog and Spring Production Guide. You can also view a table of all the crops to see crop times and plants per pot and also sort by cultural requirements, such as temperature, light and fertility. When connected to the Internet, you can access the video library and all our YESS tools – Your Easy Suntory Solution. Free Digital Tools Through YESS, Suntory invests in modern technology to benefit the entire sup- ply chain all the way to the consumer. The new Grower’s Guide app and mobile phone site make it easy to check production details. On the grower’s video chan- nel menu, there is a video version of each article in this printed guide, as well as growers sharing tips and benefits. Another handy tool is the ability to download and print bench cards and posters, customized with your logo, pot size and price. For gardeners, we present planting and care videos and a series of quick how- to projects at two different homes. Consumers can target the part of the home or yard they want to beautify outside and see several ideas. The Virtual Combo Designer app continues to be a hit with everyone who tries it and was promoted extensively this year. We’ve also launched a new app that’s an interactive consumer publication called Easy Gardening Tips. Gardeners can explore colors and styles and receive expert advice on gardening basics. The app’s Flower Finder is a handy tool to search our entire catalog for the right plants. A zip-code driven geolocator then directs consumers to garden centers in their area. Turn to page 50 to see all the YESS tools you can use to engage your custom- ers and perfect your production.


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