Membership Committee Reports; 1957-1986

(e ) As to death s, although i t is not customary fo r the Membership Committee to re po rt them, they should be reco rded on th is form in ord er th at the lo ss es may be in se rt ed in the Re gis ter in th e ir pro ­ per chro nol ogi cal or de r. No sep ara te re po rt need be made fo r death s bu t they should be added on the f i r s t subsequent re po rt on a dd it io ns' or lo ss es requ iri ng church ac tio n. Column 2—Class of Members : Show whether Regu lar, Fellowsh ip, or Corporate. I t should be def in it el y as ce rta ined from each new member the manner of hi s bapti sm, in order to co rr ec tl y cl as si fy him. Delaware l s Co ns tit ut ion requ ire s a person to be bap tized by-immersion in ord er te-become a Regular member . When a person is admi tted by Le tte r from a non -Ba pti st church , i t sometimes has been assumed th a t the person was not immersed. However, i t has been found th at i t is not ne ce ss ar ily the ca se, sin ce th at person may have ori g in al ly joi ne d a Ba pti st church or have joi ned a church of ano the r denomination th at does ba pti ze by immersion. Column 3—Manner Admitted; Showwhether by Let te r, Baptism, Expe rience, or Re sto rat ion . In the case of a re st or at io n i t should be shown in the Remark column the number and date he was f i r s t adm itted . Column H—Date Baptiz ed or L e tt e r: Column 5;—Date Hand of Fel lowshi p: These columns ar e obvi ousl y to be f il le d in by the church cl er k. Column —Remarks — Name and Location of Church; Show the re la tio ns hi p of any new member to a pr esen t member or to oth er members jo ini ng simulta neously . In the case of a re st or at io n show the number and date f i r s t joi ne d. LOSSES The in st ru ct io ns given above under Addit ions al so appl y her e with the following excepti on s : Column 3— Manner of Loss : Showwhether by Let te r, Death, or Era sure . Column £—Remarks, e tc . In the case of er as ur es , show rea son , such as (a) Joi ned a ce rt ai n church, (b) Requested by member, or (c) No in te re st nor fi na nc ia l sup por t.

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