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A YEAR WITHOUT COMPLAINT EXPRESSING GRATITUDE FOR A QUIET YEAR You’re sitting around the dinner table with friends and family on Thanksgiving Day. A delicious spread of perfectly cooked turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie lay before you, ready to be devoured. Then someone, maybe a parent or a grandparent, asks everyone to say what they are thankful for from this past year. Now, this might not be exactly what happens at your Thanksgiving meal. Maybe your family knows well enough to wait until after everyone is full and happy before having the thankfulness conversation. Many of us are chomping at the bit to get dinner in our bellies and aren’t interested in talking until after our plates are licked clean and the turkey is reduced to bones. But whatever the case, that conversation is inevitable at a lot of Thanksgiving gatherings. So what do you say? I think many of us will immediately try to think of one or two really big good things that happened to

us this year. Maybe you went on a huge vacation for the first time in over a decade this summer and were thankful for the break from work. Perhaps you or a dear friend or family member got married this year, and you’re thankful for the happy years ahead. Maybe your family had a new addition this year, and you are thankful to have welcomed your new son or daughter into the world. Countless major events can happen in a year and instill in us a deep sense of gratitude. “Sometimes, a quiet year without any major events or struggles can be a blessing in and of itself.” But what if that wasn’t your year? Maybe it feels like nothing noteworthy happened to you in the last 365 days. If so, that’s no reason to sit out of conversations about gratitude. Sometimes, a quiet year without any major events or

struggles can be a blessing in and of itself. This year, that’s what my family and I are thankful for. Some of our extended family had some health issues, but nothing serious, and we didn’t lose any family members. Two of my nieces got married, so our extended family continues to grow. The business side of things at InMotion PT has been going well. Ultimately, this is a year that I can’t find any complaints with. That being said, I want to express how grateful I am for the team at InMotion PT. They worked really hard to make this a year without complaint, and I couldn’t have done it without them. I’m also thankful for the time I get to spend with my family on Thanksgiving, eating a big, traditional dinner and enjoying one another’s company. I hope all of you have a great time with family to look forward to, as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

–Dr. Tom Bohanon

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