Florida Women's Law Group - February 2020

“Of course I am not worried about intimidating men. The type of man who will be intimidated by me is exactly the type of man I have no interest in.” Women Speaking Wisely

–Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Meet Andrea Kast

“My mom says that when I was in kindergarten, I declared that I was going to be a valedictorian and a lawyer,” Andrea laughs. “I don’t remember that, so you’ll have to ask her.” Andrea may have been too young to recall her promise, but she still made good on both counts. She graduated top of her class and earned her Juris Doctor from the Florida State University College of Law. “I’m still an avid Seminole fan,” she mentions while discussing her education. “Seven Saturdays a year, our family makes our way to Tallahassee to see them play.” After passing the Florida State Bar in 1999, Andrea worked in many areas of law until she found a practice area that fit. “I’ve been doing family law since 2012,” she explains. “I love the work because it’s so rewarding when a client walks away with a good result.” And Andrea understands that a good result where divorce is concerned means more than success in the courtroom. She strives to help the women she represents understand that “This is a moment in time. There is going to be a tomorrow; there

is life after divorce.” This dedication to the emotional well-being of her clients is part of what brought Andrea to our team. “What I love about the Florida Women’s Law Group is their personal touch and availability,” she reflects. She credits Susan Birch, our client liaison specialist, for bringing our client focus to the next level. “Having a non-billable liaison for clients is incredible,” the experienced lawyer remarks. “She’s literally gone on walks on the beach with clients … She makes sure they’re heard.” When she’s not at the office or cheering on the Seminoles, Andrea is most likely playing “Mom Taxi,” as she calls it. “I have a 14-year-old son,” she explains, smiling. “And at some point, his social life became my social life!” We’re lucky to have such a talented, experienced attorney join our team. Andrea’s dedication to her clients’ needs inside and outside of the courtroom make her a perfect fit for this firm.

This firm has always prided itself on offering experienced legal counsel our clients can trust. That’s why Andrea Kast, the newest attorney to join our team, was such a natural fit. Not only does she have over 20 years of legal experience, but Andrea also spent her whole life aiming to get where she is today.




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