Finding The Source To Hip, Knee & Leg Pain

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Jeremy H. Pittman PT, CMP, Cert-SMT, Cert-DN, Cert-FMT, Cert-IASTM

Spring is upon us. Time for yard work and spring sports. My kids are so active right now that I feel like I am constantly running. My body lets me know that I am not resting enough. Foster is into competitive baseball, playing for the Collierville Dragons. We have tournaments 3 weekends out of every month. Stone is playing lacrosse, again for the Collierville Dragons. We don’t have to travel as much for lacrosse as we do for baseball, but still going, going, going. Both Sophie and Brinkley are in prime dance season. This is a time hog. Especially for Sophie as she is getting older. She travels constantly to different cities for dance. She wants to do this for a living and is making awesome contacts. If you haven’t had a competitive dancer, you might not understand this one. Boy does it take time. I am so proud of my kids and their accomplishments, but I often wonder about just that…time. Then I remember what I have heard from the countless baby boomers at my office when we are talking about kids and activities. THEY ARE ONLY WITH YOU FOR A SHORT TIME, BE PRESENT, ATTEND AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, COACH, VOLUNTEER, YOU WILL NEVER LOOK BACK AND REGRET SPENDING TIME WITH YOUR KIDS! I take this to heart and stop whining about being tired now. This too shall pass and then I will be bored. Notice I didn’t say anything about yard work. I hate that stuff. Spring is upon us, take time to smell the roses

INSIDE: Finding The Source To Your Hip, Knee&Leg Pain Your PainCouldBe CausedBy Arthritis Helpful Exercises ToHelp Reduce Pain

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