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JAN 2019


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I’ve always loved stories. On Friday nights when I was in college, I went to a rib shack not far from campus and treated myself to some good cooking. It was an escape from my regular world. An elderly couple owned the rib shack, and I got to know them through my Friday night ritual. I’d come to their restaurant, they’d make me a nice meal, and I’d eat while they shared their stories. I cherished these evenings, and not just because of the excellent food. My dad told stories throughout my childhood, and I think that’s why I appreciate them so much. I enjoyed listening to his tales and hearing about how he grew. The same was true with my mom; I liked when she shared parts of her history. It was a peek into who my parents were before I came along. I also loved to sit with my grandparents and listen to them share anecdotes too. Hearing stories about someone related to you teaches you about yourself. It’s like discovering a piece of who you are. Storytelling is the act of sharing a journey. I devour biographies, and I think I like them so much because they tell a person’s story and take you along for that journey. When I need a pick-me-up, I look to tales of how other people overcome obstacles. It helps to know where others find motivation. These days, my passion for storytelling has extended to my work. It’s become something of a ritual at The Button Law Firm. My team and I make time for storytelling because it builds empathy and compassion, brings us closer together, and encourages a team atmosphere. I like to learn about each person on my team and find out what’s led them to The Button Law Firm. I want to learn about who’s been inspirational in people’s lives. For Gabriela, it’s her mom; for Ashley, it’s her dad. Details like these inform who a person is, and learning about my team helps me be a better leader. My love for storytelling also helps me better serve my clients. We make it a priority to visit each of our clients at their homes at some point in their cases because it helps us understand their story. When we meet The Power of Storytelling and Why I Love to Listen

in their homes, we see how they live. It’s not them in our world; it’s us in theirs. As trial lawyers, we get to see how people are affected by the wrong done to them. When I walk into one of their houses, I gain insight into how the collision or injury has turned their world upside down. My favorite thing about going to someone’s home is looking at their photos. I ask about other people in pictures, and I learn more about them than I ever would in a conference room. It helps me bond with my clients. I learn what an injury has taken from them and what they miss. In discovering this, I learn how we can best help an individual and their family. Sometimes I find out which medical provider could best help them or what medical treatment they’re missing. Maybe their physical pain has been addressed, but they could use emotional support. Once, I visited a client, and his wife made dinner for us. She grilled us steak, but cooked soup for her husband. I found out that he loves steak, but he couldn’t eat it as a result of his injuries. It’s these little details that show the full impact injuries have on their lives. And I only learn those details when I hear their stories. I encourage you to try it out this month. Ask an acquaintance to share their story, and take the time to listen. You might be surprised by what you learn.

–Russell Button



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