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For those of us who have to work in other states or enjoy traveling, we sometimes take for granted what happens if we are involved in a major car wreck in another state. Here are some of the questions we frequently hear at The Button Law Firm: • Do I hire an attorney in the state I live in or the state the wreck was in? We routinely handle cases of clients who live in another state but were injured in Texas. We are also referred several cases each year from lawyers in other states whose clients were injured in Texas. Either way, if you were injured in Texas, you are going to want a Texas attorney involved in your case sooner rather than later. • What are my rights when I’m injured in a car wreck in Texas? Order any of our FREE guides or my FREE book to learn more about your rights when injured in a car wreck in Texas. This case involved a fantastic, hardworking man named Cecil. He drove trucks for a living and lived in South Carolina. Imagine the nightmare he had when his tractor-trailer flipped after an accident involving an uninsured Dallas driver who was both drunk and distracted. Cecil was referred to us from a law firm in South Carolina because the wreck happened in Dallas, Texas. We appreciate the referrals we get from lawyers in other states. On Dec. 31, 2015, at 6:30 p.m., Cecil was on a work trip in Dallas when another driver on the road came across four lanes of traffic and slammed into his truck. This major wreck involved five cars, and it resulted in the highway being closed down. The officers investigating the wreck determined that the driver who caused everything was intoxicated and charged him with DWI. Witnesses from behind the defendant driver said he was swerving for a while and driving at a high speed. It was also admitted by the defendant that he was texting while driving on the highway. Needless to say, this was the pure definition of a reckless driver. WHAT HAPPENED TO CECIL WHILE DRIVING THROUGH DALLAS, TEXAS?

Once Cecil recovered from his injuries, we obtained all the medical records and medical bills and interviewed Cecil for a full damage profile to provide to his insurance companies. At first, his insurance companies wanted to say that Cecil’s injuries were not significant enough to warrant paying anything. He was back at work within nearly a month of the wreck. While he didn’t have much in total lost wages*, he had significant nightmares from the major wreck and anxiety about getting back on the road. In fact, Cecil even considered getting out of the trucking industry because he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to get behind the wheel again. Once we showed the insurance company that our client was significantly injured, we were able to get the case resolved so that Cecil could get back on his feet financially, get all his medical bills paid, and receive closure on this life-changing wreck. At The Button Law Firm, we make sure that all avenues of recovery are evaluated. Many law firms quit when it is not easy. We thrive when the cases get complex, like this one involving Cecil. It involved an out-of- state insurance policy, a client who lived out of state, and a reckless driver without insurance. Most attorneys would run away. Instead, we took it head-on. Thankfully, Cecil had UM/UIM auto insurance coverage. However, we wish he’d had personal injury protection (PIP) as well. If you do not have PIP protection or know what it is, you need to join our VIP program immediately. Send us your auto insurance policy and we will explain the coverage you currently have and the coverage you need to have — and most importantly, why you need to have it. In this case, we also created awareness about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving. While we could not pursue the individual driver himself because he didn’t have insurance or assets, we were able to right this wrong for Cecil. WHAT WAS IMPORTANT ABOUT THIS CASE FOR ALL DRIVERS?

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and want the same great treatment Cecil received, call Button Law Firm today.


Unfortunately for Cecil, the driver who caused his injuries did not have insurance. Thus, the only course of action was making a claim on Cecil’s own insurance for uninsured coverage, which is commonly referred to as UM/UIM coverage. Luckily for Cecil, he had two insurance policies that covered him for this wreck.

* For more information on calculating lost wages, read our article your-car-wreck-dallas-car-wreck-attorney-explains.cfm.


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