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A Daring Rescue

How Ashley and Russell Saved the Day A HIGHWAY RESCUE TO SAVE THREE HAPPY, MUDDY DOGS On a weekday afternoon, Russell and Ashley were on their way to visit a client, which is a task they prioritize in every case. But unlike other visits, this one had a surprising detour. This is the story of how a simple client visit turned into the brave rescue of three lost dogs.

Russell had missed the exit, and he and Ashley were driving along a service road next to the highway. There was a big field to their right, and the highway was to their left. Suddenly, Ashley slapped Russell across the chest and told him to pull over. He then saw what had made Ashley act: There were three dogs running toward them. Ashley didn’t even finish her train of thought as Russell found a safe place to pull over. She jumped out of the car and ran toward the dogs, calling them to her to prevent them from running onto the highway. The energetic trio consisted of a black pug, a husky-shepherd mix, and a huge husky. They were skittish and didn’t immediately run toward Ashley. In fact, they started moving in the opposite direction. “I have a treat,” Ashley told them. The little pug turned around and started coming toward her. She was able to grab ahold of its collar to see the contact information for their vet. By now, the husky mix was interested and came over. Both dogs wagged their tails, with the pug attempting to catch its breath, as Ashley dialed the number for their vet. By this point, Russell was out of the car, helping keep hold of the wet, muddy dogs. Meanwhile, the third dog, the husky, was still loose, so as Ashley was on the phone with the vet, Russell put the pug and husky-

shepherd in the back of his car and attempted to herd the last pup. As Ashley describes, Russell ran around a hay bale to contain the husky until it finally jumped into the car. With the three dogs in the car — the pug having claimed a place in the front, with its wet, muddy body resting on the center console (Russell’s bag is still stained to this day) — Russell and Ashley delivered them safely to their owner. They then got back on their way to their original destination, only a little muddier than before. This story speaks to the lengths our attorneys will go to lend a helping hand. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, on the job, and having a million things on her mind, Ashley’s heart for animals won the day. It just goes to show that our attorneys have a passion for all living beings — people and canines alike.


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