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March 2019

The Call of the Water My Peaceful Place

When I’m chatting with patients, I often like to ask if they are mountain and snow people or palm tree and beach people. People tend to be drawn more to one of these environments, and I happily fall into the second. I’ve been a water bug since I was a kid. I love to be in, on, and around water. It’s my peaceful place, my favorite way to reconnect with nature, and where I’ve spent a lot of my life. The lake draws me back to where I grew up, and it’s a big part of my family life today. licensed professional captain. Don’t worry — I’m not giving up my day job! Years ago, when we took the kids to Disneyland, we rode the ferry between our hotel and Magic Kingdom. I’d joke with my kids about captaining the ferry. “That’s what I’m going to do when I grow up,” I’d say. I don’t know if I’m growing up or just responding to the call of the water. I’ve been lucky to share my love of boating and scuba diving with my kids. When my son, Gregory, was 12, he went through his scuba diver training, and though I was certified, I did it again with him so we could spend time together. It’s become a family affair — my daughter, Danielle, got her certification a few years later. A goal I’m trying to accomplish this spring is attending captain’s school to become a

Caribbean, and I was leading. As is often the case on dives, we started in shallow water and came to an overhang that drops off, ending in much deeper water. I was going first, moving backward so I could watch Greg. I realized I’d reached the drop off, and as I descended into the other side, about a dozen large tarpon came into my view, hanging out in the overhang. They’re not aggressive fish, though they can look like it with silvery bodies and big teeth. I played out the scenario in my head: I was in 60 feet of water with a brand-new 12-year-old diver, and anything could happen. Worried that the sudden sight of the fish might freak Greg out, I slowly motioned up to him and pointed to the tarpon to give him some idea of what to expect. I got ready for however it would play out. As I’d expected, Greg freaked out. But he wasn’t scared — he was excited. When we got up to the surface, Greg was ecstatic that he got to see something so cool on his first dive. “Dad, those fish were awesome!” he exclaimed. It was an amazing experience to share with him. A few years later, I joined Danielle for her first dive following certification. We decided we’d do a fun dive that partly takes place in a shipwreck. It’s intentionally set up for divers, and there’s a point when you swim through a small window in the ship. It’s pitch black when you get inside. Knowing about this section, I was sure there was no way Danielle would want to go in considering it was her first dive. We were following a group, and when it was her turn to swim through the portal, she paddled her way in and zigzagged through the ship without hesitation. We returned to the surface, and very much like Greg, there was pure joy on her face. “That was so cool, Dad!” she said. I was happy to see her so comfortable in her skills.

It’s been a blast sharing these adventures with my kids. On each one, they surprise me with their courage and confidence. I can’t wait to see what our next adventure will be.

-Dr. Nagy

P.S. Water brings me so much joy, and I want to pass that on to one lucky patient with a trip to Kalahari Water Park. Find more information about our quarterly referral contest inside the newsletter!

I remember one of our first dives after Greg got certified. We were diving in the


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