First Chapter Plus May 2023 Issue


The Star Catcher Author L.F. Falconer, from page one of “ The Star Catcher: The Curse and Seven Blessings, ” grabs the reader by the heart and them into an enchanted world of darkness and wonder full of blood-thirsty monsters, woodland creatures, and magic.

Independently Published (2023) ISBN 979-8386692360

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85 The serpent, mouse, and red dragon share their knowledge with Takara warning her that a mortal being who passes into the Enchanted Realm risks grave danger to their mortality. Takara, equipped with the lessons of the seven blessings, challenges what would happen if she crossed back into the human world, and hopes she will not succumb to a deadly curse. Nightmarish folklore comes to life when the thin line of a barrier between two worlds is crossed. The Ningen realm of humans becomes entangled with the supernatural when a cursed woman attacks a family, yet saves an infant. Fairies, goblins, dragons, and elementals become the norm for the orphaned child as she is raised amongst mythical creatures that love and protect her from the evil which caused her family’s death. As Takara learns about the lands that lie beyond the protection of the enchanted garden she wonders how life would be amongst other humans and the possibility of chaos Yokkai could inflict upon humanity.


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