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85 Advances in technology which can affect the topic of a book can absolutely warrant whether or not an update is called for. Other factors on why a nonfiction book should be revised and updated includes new current material on the topic, renewed interest in the book’s topic and the author’s advanced knowledge and expertise benefiting the book’s content. if someone sees a 2010 or 2011 copyright date in 2023, they’ll naturally wonder how valid the information still is.” He added, “All fields advance over time, especially with technology. In the writing field that might mean new project types based on evolution of that technology.” Imagine it: You’re looking for a nonfiction book on a particular topic. When you find that book at long last, and it seems perfect for your needs, you’re dismayed to learn that the book was published almost twenty years ago. Is the information in this book still valid? Will this book provide you with current and updated material? If the book was published over a decade ago, chances are good the answers to those questions is “no.” And that’s one of the reasons why authors of nonfiction books take on the task of revising and updating their nonfiction books – especially if their nonfiction books are popular titles readers rely on for current information on the topic. There are two main reasons to update a book", explains Peter Bowerman, a successful commercial writer and author of the newly updated book, Profitable—by Design2! Tapping the Writer/Designer Partnership Goldmine (Fanove Publishing, 2023). "One, to be able to provide the most up-to-date information on a subject/field that continues to evolve over time; and, two, to be able to display to a prospective reader a far more current copyright date at the front of the book. He added, “Even though much of the ins/outs and dos/don’ts of the commercial writing field (or partnering with designers, in the case of Profitable - by Design2!) haven’t changed all that much,

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