2022 Cut Flowers Assortment Brochure | NA


10 Tips

for maximizing vase life of cut flowers:

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Start with superior genetics that have a long vase life.

Give your flowers the best growing conditions for their needs—high quality plants will yield high quality flowers. 2

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species and for your marketing channel. 3

Harvest flowers at the optimum stage of harvest for each

Typically morning harvests are best when stems have the highest water content and coolest tissue temperature. 4 preservatives. 5 6 Remove leaves from stems that are low enough to be submerged in the water. Start clean, stay clean—harvest into sanitized buckets and clean water with the appropriate commercial floral Use commercial floral preservatives correctly and at the proper dosage. 8 Keep stems cool after harvesting—for every 18 °F (10 °C) increase in temperature respiration rates double and one day of vase life is lost! 9 Keep flowers from sources of ethylene (e.g., fruits, decaying plant material, combustion engines). 7

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and packaging. 10

Prevent Botrytis during production and keep water off the flowers from rain or condensation when storing

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