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All of this content, which gives Texas Millennials activities to do in their yards and gardens during the COVID-19 pandemic, directs people to the landing page (also created by Land.US). Here they are prompted to download the Pollinator Prep Guide, the design for which came from a competition on 99designs, a digital hangout for graphic designers to find projects.

Image 1: Ag Near Me Prep for Pollinators Landing Page

Nathan and Kara repackaged Prairie View’s existing pollinator resources to create the Pollinat or Prep Guide, which tells users where to find certain pollinators (native to Texas, of course) as well as how to attract and protect pollinators. It also contains a worksheet for tallying the pollinators they see and encourages them to post pollinator photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with the tag #PrairieViewPollinatorProject. This


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