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Behavior Change

While the bulk of the pilot campaign has ended (radio and digital), many of the campaign’s ripple effects remain to be seen. We can report some behavior outcomes, though.

The call to action (CTA) on our spotlight pieces asked Millennials to take photos in their backyards and gardens of pollinators with their pollinator-friendly plants and share them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with #PrairieViewPollinatorProject. This action shows audience members are able to identify pollinators other than honeybees, which was our first goal, as we found during our research that many Millennials did not realize pollinators were more than just honey bees. So far, only a few people have taken this action, but we hope this number will increase during the last few weeks of the social media campaign and in future pollinator stewardship campaigns with PVAMU. We plan to use the same CTA and hashtag through sp ring and summer 2021 to gather a full year’s worth of data.

Below is an example of an audience member who took part in our CTA on Facebook:


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