Our thanks to multiple people for their input that guided our thinking and organization of concepts and materials for professionals to use for educational programming including our Delaware and Maryland NTAE team members

Reviewers: We want to acknowledge the following individuals from multiple disciplines who provided content and usability reviews of this e-Fieldbook version.

David Buys, Associate Professor, Health Specialist, Mississippi State University,

Leslie A. Forstadt , Ph.D. Extension Associate Professor, Human Development Specialist and Director, Maine Agricultural Mediation Program, University of Maine Extension,

Susan Harris , Extension Educator, University of Nebraska Extension, Lead, Wellness in Tough Times NTAE Project,

Lorna Wounded Head , Family Resource Management Field Specialist, South Dakota State University Extension,

Adam Kantrovich , AgriBusiness Specialist, Clemson University,

Emily Krekelber , Extension Educator, Livestock & Director, Rural Stress Task Force, University of Minnesota Extension,

David Thompson , Swine Management Educator and member of Michigan State University Extension Managing Farm Stress Task Force,

Sandra Thompson , Ed.D. Community Development Extension Specialist, Florida A & M University Cooperative Extension, CIVIC Impact Team (deliberative forums).

Advisors: Many thanks to the following members of the New Technologies for Agriculture Extension(NTAE) Team. They have been supportive in so many ways. An extra big Thank You to Ashley who took leadership publishing this publication edition.

Tira Adelman , Administrative Support & Reporting Karl Bradley , Leadership Beverly Coberly , Administrative Support Ashley Griffin , Publications Rose Hayden-Smith , Digital Engagement Chuck Hibberd , Catalyst

Megan Hirschman , Partnership Molly Immendorf , Professional Development

Akashi Kaul , Evaluation Rick Klemme , Catalyst

Heather Martin , Peer Review Coordinator Aaron Weibe , Marketing/Communications Editor: Many thanks to Lynn Little , retired University of Maryland Extension Educator, for her diligent and extensive editing of references, figures, and photographs.

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