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What Were My Two Favorite Subjects in School?


Vital Care Patients ENTER TO WIN Find the misspelled word in this newsletter and call 623-544-0300 for your chance to win a $10 GIFT CARD! CALL 623-544-0300 Contest is for past and present Vital Care PT patients only. If you’re a parent, then you probably experience a multitude of feelings every year when you realize that it’s time to start preparing for the kids’ first day of school. You might feel stressed trying to fit in a few more summer activities before the warm weather wanes. You might feel sad thinking about how empty the house will be while the kids are off filling their brains with the stages of photosynthesis and proper grammar placement. You might even feel relieved knowing that you no longer have to find ways to expend their energy. If you’re anything like me, you’ll likely experience all three feelings at once. When it comes to school, my kids are exactly like me. While they are excited to see their friends every day, they aren’t particularly looking forward to all the homework, exams, and study sessions. In fact, if you ask them

what their favorite class is, they’ll tell you — just as I did when I was their age — that P.E. is far and away the best. While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a superstar athlete, athletic activities have always come naturally to me. In elementary and middle school, I looked forward to P.E. all day. Even then, I had the typical Type A personality that made me extremely determined. In school, this translated to trying to be at the top of my class no matter the task. For example, I remember in fifth grade when students were required to take those physical fitness exams, which required you to do a

situp test, sit and reach test, and then run the mile. While I always excelled at the situps and the flexibility part of the exam, I couldn’t seem to finish the mile fast enough to get me on the Presidential List. At the time, this was apparently really important to me because I got special permission to run the mile again. I ended up running it four separate times until I finally ran it fast enough to get the Presidential List certificate. Once I was in high school, I continued to sign up for P.E. as my elective class, even after my freshman year when it was no longer considered mandatory. I also took dance and systematics. Systematics is a weight training class in which I was one of three girls with 22 boys. This is where my love of exercise and

weight training began. I learned a lot about the human body and the way it functions, and I was passionate about the material, so I actually enjoyed going to class. Plus, I just love being active, which has translated into the work I do today. I always knew that I’d never succeed at a job that forced me to sit still, and, with all the exercises I get to do alongside my patients every day, I know that I never will. So, if you ever feel worried when your kid tells people their favorite class is P.E., you can rest assured they’ll still turn out okay!

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