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We are the number one choice for your legal career.

As a leading provider of legal education, we’ve helped to build the careers of over 100,000 legal professionals. We’re trusted by 260 organisations to train their future lawyers – more than any other law school. So, when the profession trusts us, you can trust us too.

Ranked number two for postgraduates in highly skilled employment, * second only to Oxford across all Russell Group Universities for Employment in Highly Skilled Jobs.

98% of our UK postgraduate students in employment were in Highly Skilled Occupations 15 months after graduating. *

Your Career Guarantee If you don’t secure a training contract, pupillage, qualifying work experience or any other role capable of amounting to QWE within six months of successfully completing your studies or assessments, you’ll get access to our Career Boost package. It includes a range of valuable employability courses free of charge. o Get ahead of the game Once you secure your place with us, you’ll get instant access to our Bridge Programme. + With up to 40 additional hours of study on offer, it’s designed to help you transition from your degree towards the next stage of your legal training and enhance your knowledge before you start your studies. Scholarships and funding opportunities At BPP, we are passionate about increasing diversity and encouraging access to the legal profession. So, we offer an extensive range of funding options and scholarships to ensure finance isn’t a barrier to a promising legal career, with all our full fee scholarships being awarded on widening participation grounds.

An innovative approach to teaching Benefit from innovative educational learning platforms that will help you develop the core knowledge and skills you need to pass your assessments, so you can hit the ground running from day one in practice. Unrivalled connections with the biggest firms We are trusted by the largest number of leading law firms for the innovation, quality and professional relevance of our programmes. Focused on your employability You’ll have the opportunity to gain hands-on legal experience by volunteering with our award-winning Pro Bono Centre, which runs over 20 projects covering a wide variety of practice areas. You can also access our expert Law Careers Service from the moment you accept your place, and up to 18 months after you complete your studies with us.

BPP graduates have secured more pupillages in barristers’ chambers than any other provider. **

Receive a personalised career action plan from our dedicated Law Careers Service to help you secure that all-important training contract, qualifying work experience or pupillage.

Complete real-world trainee tasks in our Virtual Practice Environment , where you’ll experience realistic cases and scenarios in a way that mirrors legal practice.

Gain practical legal experience by volunteering on projects through our award-winning Pro Bono Centre , making your CV stand out.

Our 100,000+ alumni have gone on to work at most major law firms, in-house legal teams and top ranked chambers.

Maximise your exam success through our AI-driven adaptive learning platform, BPP Adapt , allowing you to measure your progress and get personalised coaching where you need it the most.

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Converting to Law.

Becoming a Solicitor.

So, you’re considering a career in law? Whether you’re looking to become a solicitor or a barrister, law offers a challenging, stimulating and rewarding career – with many roles available both inside and outside private practice.

The route to becoming a solicitor has changed – there are currently two ways to qualify in England and Wales.

Whichever pathway you take, we’ve got you covered Across both our LPC and SQE training options, you can be confident that our courses will support you in passing your assessments and providing you with the knowledge and skills you need for a successful career in practice.

For most students, if you started your law degree or law conversion course before 1 January 2022, you can opt to study the Legal Practice Course (LPC) or the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). If you started after this date, you will only be eligible for the SQE.

As a non-law graduate or career changer, our law conversion courses, also known as a Postgraduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) or Law Foundations Course, will help you to learn the core legal principles and theory, along with the foundational professional skills that will set you up for the next part of your studies and a successful career. Your conversion course options will vary depending on your choice of professional pathway (i.e. solicitor or barrister).

It’s a career path that offers a huge breadth of opportunity. A knowledge of the law provides insights into the worlds of business and politics, and also raises awareness for important social and cultural issues too, as well as offering the opportunity for change and reform.

LPC route The Legal Practice Course is long-

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established and remains a respected and valid route to qualification as a solicitor, with many firms still offering training contracts to LPC graduates. Although over the next few years, the number of training contracts will reduce as the SQE becomes more popular. SQE route Prospective solicitors can also now qualify via the SQE. It is the biggest change in solicitors’ training for nearly 30 years and will eventually replace the LPC pathway. SQE candidates are required to pass two sets of assessments, SQE1 and SQE2. At BPP, we offer a range of SQE training so that you can choose the course and timeframe that best suits your needs and experience. The SQE route is open to unqualified legal professionals with experience of legal practice, as well as law and non- law graduates.

Hermione Fullerton LLM Law and Legal Practice Student

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We also offer LLM options for both our LPC and SQE courses, which are eligible for postgraduate loan funding of up to £11,836.

We also offer LLM options for our PGDL which are eligible for postgraduate loan funding of up to £11,836.

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Becoming a Barrister. As a barrister, you will be trained to represent your clients in courts and tribunals as well as provide specialist legal advice in conference and in writing.

If you’ve ever considered developing legal skills outside of the barrister or solicitor training routes, our academic Master of Laws (LLM) programmes can help you do just that. They qualify for postgraduate loan funding of up to £11,836 and offer a range of specialisms that can complement and benefit your career, or help you pursue an alternative route in law, for example as a paralegal. In addition, they can enhance your CV and the skills you can offer to recruiters. Develop specialist legal knowledge.

Before you decide on what and where you want to study, we highly recommend attending one of the many careers-focused events that we run. They can give valuable insights on study choices, course options and starting a career in the legal profession. These events are free, and you can register at bpp.com/events You can also book a Personal Open Day at one of our Centres with one of our senior tutors. This will cover the facilities, meeting the team and answering any questions you may have about studying law at BPP. Contact our Admissions Team to arrange a Personal Open Day on a date that suits you. We’d love to see you.

It’s worth remembering Our graduates have secured more pupillages in barristers’ chambers than any other Bar Course provider, and 98% of our postgraduate students were in Highly Skilled Occupations 15 months after graduating. Many of our alumni have gone on to work at global law firms as well as top ranked chambers, so you can be assured that by choosing BPP, you would be receiving training which is highly valued by leading practitioners across the legal profession.

The main steps towards qualification Firstly, you need a law degree or a non-law degree plus a pass in a law conversion course such as the GDL, PGDL, Law Foundations Course or CPE. You’ll also need to join one of the four Inns of Court, which are professional membership associations for barristers in England and Wales. Then, you will be able to study one of our Barrister Training Courses (BTC) and receive expert career advice to give you the best chance of securing pupillage and becoming a barrister. Pupillage The final stage of training, after your BTC, involves a practical work-based element, known as pupillage, which normally lasts for one year. This features a practising and non-practising period, both of which usually last six months under the supervision of a qualified barrister.

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I think in terms of BPP’s reputation, it is probably the choice that most employers would expect you to choose. They know BPP, they know what to expect from their students, they know that when their employees have gone to BPP, they will have certain skills that are necessary.

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We also offer LLM options for our BTC which are eligible for postgraduate loan funding of up to £11,836.

Olivia Flasch GDL and LPC Graduate

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Our percentage of students in highly skilled employment is higher than any other dedicated Law School in the UK. Get in touch Speak to our Admissions Team

Phone +44 (0)3300 603 100  admissions@bpp.com Globe bpp.com

Disclaimer: This information is accurate as at the date of publication, September 2022. However, some information in it may change without notice. We reserve the right to withdraw or change any of the courses, locations, modes and/or alter entry requirements or tuition fees. All modules are run subject to demand and may differ across locations. This document is for guidance only and does not form part of any contract. For more information about courses, please refer to bpp.com. Before accepting any offer for a place at BPP, applicants should read the applicable terms and conditions available at bpp.com/terms-and-conditions ºT&Cs apply. Selected courses only. +Available only for the Complete SQE Training Programmes, Legal Practice Course, and Barrister Training Courses. *Based on The Graduate Outcomes survey of 2019/20 graduates 15 months after graduating for UK students. **BPTC graduates commencing pupillage between 2014-2019, aggregated. Source: BPTC Key Statistics, Bar Standards Board, 2021.

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