The Holdsworth Group - August 2019


Volume 1 • AUGUST 2019

NAILING JELL-O TO A TREE ... & Other Unproductive Behaviors

W hen I was a little kid, I’d often head over to my aunt’s house to play with my cousins. When we’d get under her feet, which was pretty much all the time, she’d kick us out of the house, ordering us to “go nail Jell-O to a tree” to get rid of some of our seemingly endless supply of energy. As a kid, I tried to imagine nailing Jell-O to a tree: grab some nails, an old, well-used hammer, and a big bowl of lime Jell-O (everyone’s favorite!) and get to work. But no matter how quickly you worked, no matter how many nails you used, and no matter how much you wanted that Jell-O to stick to the darn tree, it just slid off. Now I realize that while my aunt was just making a funny joke about keeping all of us kids busy, she was also saying something important about how fiercely we focus on having unproductive behaviors. Have you ever found yourself muttering that you simply don’t have enough hours in the day, week, or month to get everything done? You’re not alone. Technology can be your friend, but it can also contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed and always on . Think about it. Have you ever heard yourself say any of the following?

My inbox looks like a ski slope!

Planning? You’ve got to be kidding. I spend all of my time putting out fires.

worse that the plague. But at least the plague could be seen and eventually treated. The LifeClutter epidemic is both self-inflicted and killing us with stress, over-working, over-eating, hypertension, and much more. If you’ve been spending too much time nailing metaphorical Jell-O to a tree, I have good news for you: You CAN break the cycle and get your life back on track. Even in EMS, where the calls don’t stop, you still can! You can shut the world off to take time to recharge, but only if you really want to. All it takes is a little bit of time to slow down and meet with me, and you will learn a simple, proven system that will help you to strategize, itemize, and prioritize your time, energy, and strengths, which will allow you to work smarter and see things with a whole new set of eyes. You only have 1,440 minutes in a day. Don’t squander them on someone else’s agenda items. It’s never too late to get your life back. Contact me at contact to get started!

The faster I go, the more behind I get!

I feel like my career is stuck in a rut.

I thought email was supposed to save me time.

Email, snail mail, iPhones, 24-hour client expectations, text messages, fax machines, endless meetings, committees, kids’ events, charity events, time with friends, time for yourself … wait, what was that last one? With the widespread use of technology, there seems to be a constant expectation that we all need to be available to one another on demand. My term for this problem is LifeClutter. It’s a situation that we’re all in and is, for the most part, self-inflicted. We’ve all allowed “stuff” to creep into our lives, often undetected, and overrun our schedules. It’s an epidemic “But no matter how quickly you worked, no matter how many nails you used, and no matter how much you wanted that Jell-O to stick to the darn tree, it just slid off.”



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