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September 2019



20 Seconds of Insane Courage

How Dave Ended Up on a 4-Story Tower With Jim Nantz

Be the person who says, “I’m glad I did,” not the one who says, “I wish I would have.”

and the Masters. Yes, I admit that is my dream job. Except for Cosell, I have had the honor to meet with all these men and Bob Costas at some point in my career. The headline today ties into one of my mottos from the movie “We Bought a Zoo,” starring Matt Damon. Twenty seconds of insane courage can change your life! Last May, while I was training in Charlotte, North Carolina, for one of my clients, I also attended the Wells Fargo PGA event nearby. On the 18th hole, where Jim Nantz broadcasted from, was a four-story tower. Mr. Nantz was perched there, along with golf legend Nick Faldo, to call the action. I kept thinking, “What if I could go up there? What if I could meet him? What if I could do an audition?” I reminded myself on the spot, “Dave, be the guy who says, ‘I’m glad I did,’ not the one who says, ‘I wish I would have.’” God was looking out for me in the form of a weather delay. Security ran for dry cover, and I navigated my way up the stairs to the tower. I can tell you the rest of the story in person. However, the picture above is worth a thousand words. I want you to ask yourself, “What am I avoiding the most today? What is keeping me from being all I can be or as successful as I want? Where does that fear come from? Is it asking for a bigger deal, going out on your own, or picking up the phone and dialing a stranger?” If you need encouragement, let me help. Additionally, look at the picture from May and say, “If Dave can generate 20 seconds of insane courage, so can I!” You just might find yourself on the top of the world — or at least far above the 18th hole with Jim Nantz.

Since as long as I can remember, I have been involved in some sort of sportscasting business. I announced my first rodeo in seventh grade and had a radio show at a local station in ninth grade. I don’t tell you this to be braggadocious but rather to share how blessed I have been to work in broadcasting throughout my career. Even now, as a full-time sales coach and encourager of people, I still get to dabble in the broadcasting world. I’m still a Heisman Trophy voter and still find myself fortunate enough to broadcast a handful of football games every fall. Most professionals have some version of a role model or person they like to emulate. In my early, early days, it was Howard Cosell, and, later, it was Brent Musburger. Today, my role models are broadcasters like Al Michaels and Jim Nantz, who is with me in the picture above. In a single season, Jim announces the Super Bowl, the NCAA Final Four,

Again, be the person who says, “I’m glad I did,” not the one who says, “I wish I would have.”

-Dave Tester


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