Information on a wedding invitation

• Invitations are usually sent several weeks before the big day. Invitations for summer weddings should be sent even earlier to ensure that people can plan their vacations accordingly. • It is acceptable to invite some people just to the ceremony or just to the reception. In either case, send only the appropriate specific invita- tion. • Before choosing your final invitation design and reply cards, find out about standard postal sizes and weights from your local post office.

• directions for getting to the reception • the date by which you would like to receive replies to the invitation (RSVP) REPLY CARDS Wedding invitations usually include a reply card, to be completed by the guests and returned to the bride and groom. Including a stamped, self- addressed envelope is always appreciated and helps ensure a timely response. SUNDRY OTHER TIPS • Only one invitation is necessary per couple or family.

Announcing your upcoming marriage to your family and friends is always exciting. But this excitement can sometimes result in a few details being forgotten when the time comes to write the invitations. Whether you opt for elegant type and formal language or a simple, no-nonsense format, the invitation ought to include the following information: • first and last names of the bride and groom • wedding date • time of the ceremony • where the ceremony is to take place • contact information for the bride and groom

RECEPTION INVITATION If some guests are to be invited to a separate (and more exclusive) reception after the cer- emony, then the following information should be included on a separate card: • time of reception • site of reception • financial contribution for the meal (if appli- cable) • dress code or theme • details about the event, if desired (i.e., menu choices, open bar or cash bar) • a list of hotels, bed & breakfasts, and other accommodations in the area

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